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  • THOTbubble kommenterade

    I can't even scroll up without accidentally opening the new right side panel. )=

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    Newest update chat bug

    In the newest update, I've been noticing a bug where discord will open and not load any messages on a DM, simply displaying the default avatar and "Tag" where the username would normally be. Restar...

  • THOTbubble kommenterade

    I agree, it seems pointless to not include closing it as an option, since they half implemented it by default. Apparently usability takes a backseat to making everything look like tinder.

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    Back Button Functionality in 20.4 (1126)

    As of now I've reverted to the public build since the beta build is receiving constant UI updates and has removed the option to toggle between the side panel and chats with the back button. I'm hop...

  • THOTbubble kommenterade

    I second this. While I'm not a fan of the new UI, I understand it probably won't go away, so it would just be nice to be able to open AND close the side panel with the back button, as was an option...