id: 293943718233505802 i've been using discord since 2017, don't trust whatever "Member since" says

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    revert the update (beta)

    honestly this beta build is just downgrade in almost every way possible ui is hard to get used to and looks way worse than old ui 2.amoled mode is gone 3.can't watch video more than 1 time, i...

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    false-postive regarding "flagged abusive website"

    i get that it's for safety reason but "steamcommunity" with .com domain should not be flagged as abusive website, it's one of steam's official website and literally made by steam/valve themselves. ...

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    be able to choose role icon

    well, the idea is self-explanatory enough. be able to choose your desired role icon so people aren't stuck with same role icon and can change it whenever they want to

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    server notifications should be set to "mentions only" by default when a server is created

    Hello. I've been using discord since 2017 (Mar 21 2017 to be exact) and what I can't understand is why server notifications is set to "all messages" by default. Literally no one likes nor wants unn...