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    This will be a title late but https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/articles/4708041338391-Update-on-Premium-Services-in-Russia

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    Custom Channel & Category Icons

    Just as we can add custom emoji to role icons, we will be able to do the same to channels and categories. I can imagine that with the arrival of this, the layout of the rooms will change and they w...

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    Server Custom Status

    Yes, no matter how simple it may seem, this is a very missing feature. You know that this feature only exists in the About Me section, those who have nitro update the about me section on a server o...

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    Country Badges

    It sounds great to add an extra badge to the number of badges on Discord and have everyone have access to it. It would be great if it would appear on the discord profile to indicate which country t...

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    Oh, maybe. But since there is no longer as much activity on the page as before, you will not be able to get either one vote or one - vote. Maybe it will be noticed by discord years later. A better ...

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    A new badge for Discord Bug Hunter

    Yes, we know that there are 2 badges as a Discord Bug Hunter. You can bring a novelty to this and make it Level 3 as a new badge and name it Discord Bug Star/Hunter or Discord Star Hunter.

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    To be able to change bot tag with Discord Nitro.

    As we know, it is possible to change my user label with Nitro. But such a thing is still not possible in bots. Why wouldn't it be possible? If an account owns Discord Nitro, it can change the tag o...

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    Discord Advanced Reinforcement Badge

    Bu bölümde anlattım. Resimsel olmayan bir şekilde, ancak görsel olarak ne demek istediğimi daha iyi anlayabilirsiniz.

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    Discord new reinforcement badge

    After 24 months of supplementation, when you reach 34 months or more, the badge and information box may change as follows. Of course, it's not a very good idea, but I also think that discord has a ...

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    Open the browser on mobile and enter discord's site, press the dot on the top right, then select desktop. You can process from there, there is a phone bug in general.