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  • Jaafer kommenterade

    Would be great to see this! And I'm pretty sure the private voice channel event suggestion by another comment wouldn't work and especially if it is an in-person event. Either way there should be a ...

  • Jaafer kommenterade

    Like this? https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/5350169388311-A-birthday-badge-on-User-Profiles-

  • Jaafer skapade ett inlägg för

    A birthday badge on User Profiles

    New profile Badge Suggestion  Allow users to set their birthday (MM,DD) in their User Profile settings. On that set day of the year, the birthday cake badge should show on their profile just like t...

  • Jaafer kommenterade

    As many others have said, this was resolved by:1. Accessing CarlBot Dashboard2. Navigating to the AutoMod module 3. In General Settings, toggle "Delete scary files" off.

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    New Connection: Medal.tv (Revisit)

    medal.tv is a clipping software for gamers that allows them to edit and share their clips through the Medalbot Discord bot. It would be really nice to add our Medal user to our Discord connections ...

  • Jaafer kommenterade

    I agree with RoboGeek. Servers also have a bunch of more features. 

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    Add a new feature to User Profile

    Add a feature where Discord averages out your response time to DM's or shows response time in individual servers separately. Then on a user profile, they get a badge for a certain amount of respons...