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  • Jammy kommenterade

    I own the biggest furry server on the platform; all of our stats are 100x over whats required to join the new Partner Program, except retention. We enforce a strict entry system due to the amount o...

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    Differentiate blocking and disabled dms

    Hello!    Currently being blocked and DMing someone who has disabled dms both display the same "you cannot dm this person" error message. To avoid confusion, I would like a different error message ...

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    Explicit message filter on SOME channels

    Howdy,   So there is a server-wide setting to prevent the sending of potentially NSFW images, however I believe there should be an option for this setting to be bypassed in designated NSFW channels...

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    "Can post links" permission

    Howdy,   So we already have an "Embed Links" permission, but how about a permission that prevents a user from being able to post a link at all? (Or allows them to post a link, but its not clickable...