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Senaste aktivitet för Wolfie
  • Wolfie skapade ett inlägg för

    Add option to view your profile on big servers

    Basically, on big servers it can be annoying to scroll all the way down to see your roles and name. Yes, you can view it by chatting and clicking your name, but it would be so much nicer to be able...

  • Wolfie kommenterade

    I think this would be a great addition to discord. It would make it so people didn't confuse webhooks for full featured bots.

  • Wolfie skapade ett inlägg för

    [Feature Request] Ability to see other mobile users on mobile

    It would be nice to be able to see my fellow mobile users. Right now, the icon only shows up on desktop discord. It would be nice to have it on mobile too.

  • Wolfie skapade ett inlägg för

    Be able to hold a channel to mute it

    It would be nice to add a feature on iOS. Basically, you hold down on a channel to bring up the menu, then there would be a option to mute the channel. It would be much quicker than going into the ...