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  • Remove lock icons on voice channels when the @everyone role doesn't have "view channel" perms.

    Currently, text channels will only show the lock icon when the @everyone role is specifically denied the "view channel" permissions on it. However, voice channels will show it whenever the @everyon...

  • Permissions Edit Mode for servers

    This interface would be the same (or similar) as the one you see when chatting, but instead of going to a channel when you click it, it would show the permissions editor for it. Much better than th...

  • (Small) icons within right-click menus

    Currently, there have been so many cool heckin' features added to Discord that many of the right-click menus are quite long and it's a tiny bit of an eyesore to find what you want to do with someon...

  • Server Descriptions for All Servers

    Currently they're only available (sort of) for verified servers. It would be amazing if servers could have this extra space to express themselves. Here's a screenshot of what it looks like at the ...

  • Set default image app

    For uploading images, instead of having to click the 'external' button then select the app to pick an image from, what if we could select an app (like the gallery) that opens by default when you cl...

  • Server-Wide Denied Permissions

    Similar to how you can deny a permission for a role in a certain channel, you would be able to do the same in the server role settings. This is mainly for things like muted roles, which would other...

  • Make hardware acceleration easier to turn on and off

    At the moment, in order to do this you need to go into your settings -> appearance -> scroll down -> hardware acceleration. I and many others find ourselves toggling it often, as we switch from usi...

  • Move '(edited)' above messages with only embeds

    For bots that use and edit embeds in their commands, it would be nice if the edited indicator were placed above the message in order to save space. Mockup, before and after:

  • Pinning at limit could ask if you want to delete the oldest pin

    Once a channel reaches 50 pins, you normally have to go through and delete an older pin to be able to pin a new message. A tiny improvement to this, instead of preventing a new pin, would be to sim...

  • Edge lighting support

    I recently got a new phone that allows for edge lighting, but sadly it seems Discord notifications can't be configured to use it. This would be absolutely awesome. 👍