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  • Mangermouse kommenterade

    Its also worth noting to, that with Slack for example (which is practically the same family as discord) do have a fail safe protocol :

  • Mangermouse kommenterade

    CJSmith And with other services, they were able to remove 2fa completely (theres a lot of places that say they cant, but actually can, but theres steps to go by), but I did have to spend roughly an...

  • Mangermouse kommenterade

    CJSmith In my case they reset the master password and had to go through rigorous steps including sms auth, I dont exactly know how they did the work around and wouldnt even pretend to figure out ho...

  • Mangermouse kommenterade

    CJSmith Correct Reddit do not remove 2fa, but they have a way to reset the master password, you have to jump through a lot of hoops to do so, and basically have to speak with a support agent via ca...

  • Mangermouse kommenterade

    CJSmith Discord have plenty of means income, and have done for a long while. I migrated to Discord when it was in BETA from Slack, so yes I would still use it, as I operate majority of my professio...

  • Mangermouse kommenterade

    CJSmith the purpose for 2fa is not to "lock you out if you lose 2fa", I have 2fa on nearly everything I use, with google not backing it up (And unfortunate event), I was locked out of majority of s...

  • Mangermouse kommenterade

    100% I am currently going through this predicament and the fact this initial post was 4 years ago and they still don't have a solution is mad

  • Mangermouse skapade ett inlägg för

    2fa lockout

    The fact there is no resolution if a user cannot access 2fa and has forgotten password, even if they have other means to prove their identity and ownership is ridiculous, nearly all other sites hav...