Discrim to not change


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  • Zacatero
    I mean, it's kind of the responsibility of the person. Discord is very clear about the terms of the custom discrim that it gets randomized as your nitro expires... Just because people might post their Discord tag places doesnt mean they should get to keep the perk once the subscription expires.
  • Zacatero
    So the reason why I'm against this, is like your name is Jessie. Thats a popular name. If you had Jessie#5151 and changed it to something else like Jessie#1111.. and then while you have nitro somebody makes an account with the name Jessie and is randomly assigned an unused discrim for Jessie... being #5151. Now your nitro expires would be bothersome to the new Jessie#5151. Thats why it wont work imo

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