Addition of new user languages


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  • Siberian tiger

    The hindi language option is available now but as soon as you select it, it's automatically switching to American English.

  • Siberian tiger

    First of all, thanks for adding hindi to discord user language list. There's some problem with hindi automatically getting changed to English (usa) but I'm sure it'll be fixed easily.

    But the translation to Hindi has been horrible, barely any effort has been put. The person who modified it has just written English words in hindi letters even when a perfect hindi translation is available.

  • Siberian tiger

    I'm writing correc/better translations of some words, so that the dev can get some help
    1- User settings - व्यावहारिक संयोजन
    2- Set status - स्थिति निश्चित करें
    3- Authorized app- अधिकृत आप
    4- Connection - सम्बंध
    5- Online - उपस्थित
    6- Offline - अनुपस्थित
    7- Boost - बढ़ावा
    8- Nitro gift - नाइट्रो उपहार
    9- notification- अधिसूचना
    10- Game activity - गेमजनित गतिविधि
    11- Text and image - लेख और चित्र
    12- Appearance - दिखावट
    13- Behavior - व्यवाहार
    14- language - भाषा
    15- Change log - लॉग बदलें
    16-support - सहायता

  • Jendrej

    Send these corrections at There will be a higher chance that the Discord team will notice them.

  • Siberian tiger

    They just removed Hindi language from user list. God knows why?


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