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  • !Lua 🌹💎女
    A good idea for people who don't know much about English and with this translation without need go to google translator and a good idea
  • jean_ravenclaw

    This would be very good! Microsoft Teams already implements this and so far it's been useful. It would be nice to see it on discord

  • Jendrej

    I don’t know about iOS, but the Google Translate app on Android has an option where when you copy some text, a bubble appears on screen and you can tap it to have the text translated.

  • juric

    This is a good idea, we are also facing Language barrier when chatting in multiple languages in a same chat room

    My team mates from around the world and the only way for us is using in-game chat box. We can't communicate in Discord (except people know English).

    Now there are some kind of Auto Translation Bot (3rd Party program) can be add into Server. Some are free but require Programming Knowledge, some are paid to use.

    Hope Discord Team could add this function into Discord and mandatory and default function.



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