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กิจกรรมล่าสุดโดย TheSilentPro
  • TheSilentPro สร้างโพสต์

    Image spoiler for mobile

    just like on desktop, an option to mark image as spoiler

  • TheSilentPro สร้างโพสต์

    Not being tagged while the spoiler is hidden

    While the spoiler is hidden, the tag wont work. So you cant get tagged in a spoiler

  • TheSilentPro สร้างโพสต์

    Adjustable message editor box

    It would be nice if we can make the message box while editing a message bigger so we can edit more easily

  • TheSilentPro สร้างโพสต์

    Discrim to not change

    When nitro expires and you changed your discriminator let the discrim stay like that or require the user to change it in a certen time stamp. Reason: If you have your name changed, and you post it...

  • TheSilentPro สร้างโพสต์

    Old profile icon

    when in dms with someone that isnt ur friend theres a call icon. Bring it back to a profile icon that takes you to their profile. I keep accidently calling people...

  • TheSilentPro สร้างโพสต์

    better DnD

    While on DnD (Do not Disturb) make it so push notifications do not send. And calls get cancelled/ignored instantly.

  • TheSilentPro สร้างโพสต์


    When clicking Create New Invite on a deleted server thats sent in dm. The share invite link pops up with no invite link, just (bcuz the server is deleted duh...). I think it should say S...

  • TheSilentPro สร้างโพสต์

    VoiceChat Reservations

    Make it so we can give roles a reservation in vlice chats. This would make a great perk! Also, will help with bots, so we have 10 slots in total and eather 1 out of 10 of them is reserved for bot...