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กิจกรรมล่าสุดโดย assimilater กิจกรรมล่าสุด โหวต
  • Message options ordering and visibility issues

    I am so used to edit message being the first option when you tap and hold that yesterday when the order changed I kept quoting messages instead of editing them. Edit should be first wherever it is ...

  • Move "Other Reactions" to the top

    How is no one (including people on the discord team) that uses the discord desktop app or web app not tired of scrolling down through this hella long list of reactions to hit "other reactions" so t...

  • Discord doesn't scroll to the bottom with new messages anymore

    Imagine every time a new message comes in having to scroll down to read it. Please fix this bug it's very infuriating!

  • Muted channels sometimes still push notifications

    Sometimes I randomly get a burst of push notifications from a channel I have muted. I don't know what causes this bug but it is quite bothersome

  • The ui update we needed: mentions

    I assumed this was a bug in the teams radar but clearly not after the atrocious new ui update. The mentions button right? When you click a message it shows you nearby messages and there's a jump t...