What is “s/ra/“?


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  • gender_fluid

    it is the substitute function. It is explained in this video here https://youtu.be/km8CR-fdB7o

  • Maybe Birb

    Just had it explained in discord as well. Ty!

  • Nguyen Thanh

    In online communication, "s/ra/" typically represents a command used in text-based platforms or forums, particularly on platforms like Discord or Reddit. This command is often utilized in the context of editing or correcting a previous message.

    Here's how it works:

    • The "s/" stands for "substitute" or "replace."
    • The "ra/" represents the text to be replaced.

    For example, if someone typed "I like apples," but later wanted to correct it to "I like oranges," they might use the command "s/apples/oranges/" to make the correction. After sending this command, the original message would be automatically updated to reflect the change.

    It's a handy feature for quickly fixing typos or revising previous statements without cluttering the conversation with additional messages.



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