I cannot verify my phone number into my discord account.


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  • AnikasToast

    Omg, this happened to me tooooo, i need help aswell discord please

  • Windy

    If you think that the discord team mis-read your original request you should add a clarification to your ticket so they can answer your exact question. Creating a new ticket doesn't help - rather update your current one with additional info which will automatically reopen it and have the respecitve person from the team look into it with you again. Otherwise you might end up getting the same reply over and in the worst case Discord might consider you putting in multiple Tickets for the same thing which is against Community Guidelines.
    To my experience the Discord Trust and Safety team are giving their best to help. If you are not planning to connect your phone to your account, there should not be a problem. Since you own your phone with the number I do not quite see the problem though (and wonder how you would even find out about someone using your number). 
    So yeah my go on this would be: update your current ticket and ask back until you understand why this is happening and what you can do.

  • Devin

    They kept ask me remember the account tied with phone number, how am I suppose to know? 
    There's no way to ask them anymore, they just keep reply me same answer over and over. 

    Here is some few answers:

    I'm so sorry for the frustration! Unfortunately, our team has an extremely strict policy and if you do not remember the original Discord account associated with the phone number, we sadly won't be able to provide that account information due to privacy and security concerns.

    I totally understand your sentiments and I apologize for the frustration but we really won't be able to tell you which account the number is currently tied to or remove that number unless the request comes from that email.

    I totally understand your sentiments and I apologize for the inconvenience, kindly note that the phone number associated with any account needs to be verify first with the use of codes that are sent to that particular number itself thus it is highly not possible for someone else to use the number on their account.


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