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  • Pythonheir

    I just joined this forum today, just so I could come say this. Me and my friends agree, and are planning to move to a different program to game in. The free version is too restrictive with this monetization. I am not going to pay $10/m or $100/y just to be able to share videos over 50mb, most clipping programs save videos at 100-200mb now for good quality, and compressing is too much of a hassle. When you can just go back to previous programs without this hassle. Everything else you give with Nitro is just sparkle that honestly should of just been free.  If we can't freely share our most basic content as friends, then Discord is useless and worse than it's competitors.

    Ya'll got greedy.

  • 🛠️Trust & Safety

    @Pyrgonheir . I agree. Discord is just stealing money for customisation and 50mb. I suggest that you use guided. It has a free limit of 500mb.


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