Discord kills all sound


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  • Isaac Ortiz

    Me too, not all sound though. I cannot hear anything out of my Sony XM4 headphones, but I can hear out of my Galaxy Buds Pro 2 earbuds, but whenever I open up discord, the audio quality decreased even though I am not in a call. I got a discord notification while I was driving and my music's audio quality dropped off, and I had to close the app since it keeps thinking I am in a phone call when I am not. I do not know what to do, this started earlier today during noon.

  • Aoki

    Yeah, I updated my Discord yesterday while watching YouTube and the moment I launched a new version of Discord the sound died. I already downgraded my Discord and I'll just stay on this version for a while, but one of my friends said that disabling microphone permissions helps. I haven't tried it but maybe it'll help you.

  • Mr.V

    it puts headsets into headset mode on startup now, and will not let them return to headphone mode until you forcibly kill the app.

    this makes a bit of bad behaviour infinitely worse.

    the app needs an option to completely disable the microphone, so it's possible to listen without being forced into low audio quality headset mode. 

  • 👑KingKuron

    I'm having the same issue. I think my app updated last night when I suddenly had audio issues with my headphone. Only just recently found out this morning it was happening when Discord was opened.

  • casataco

    Yes it seems to be automatically taking control of the headset sound drivers and placing all audio channels onto the channel used for phone calls. This only seems to be happening on the beta version and I only have android so I cant confirm is this is an issue on iOS. It seems to only happen with bluetooth devices (BT speakers, headsets, car audio, etc) as it doesnt happen with the native speakers drivers. Will downgrade my beta until this is resolved.

  • agentCGBSpender

    I had the beta version installed on Android with some Bluetooth headphones connected to my phone. Opened Discord app and it immediately switched into some kind of mode accessing the headset and affecting all audio being output from the phone (i.e. streaming Spotify). Closed the app and the problem went away but anytime I would get a discord notification this problem would happen again. Had to force stop the app to return to normal. Tried disabling microphone permissions but that didn't work.

    Also, I was driving in my car with my phone connected via bluetooth listening to music. I got a Discord notification and the audio system in my car went into call mode but the only way I could get out of it was by force stopping the app again. I uninstalled the app after this and tried to install the non-beta version but Google Play keeps saying the beta version is installed even after leaving the beta. Weird stuff.


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