Allow Nitro users to use different avatar decorations across servers


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  • Thomes Roamer

    I totally agree! Customizing avatar decorations for each server would be fantastic. It adds a personal touch and enhances the sense of community within each server. Hopefully, Discord considers implementing this feature soon to further enrich the user experience.

  • Michael Coombs

    I just want to say thank you to discord for adding this feature, I just checked today to see if it was possible and there it was! Thanks for the speedy response, I'm very satisfied and will be recommending nitro to my friends, thanks again!

  • hassoalbert

    Allowing Nitro users to use different avatar decorations across servers would provide a fun and personalized touch to their Discord experience. By enabling users to customize their avatars with various decorations like borders, frames, or animated effects, Discord would enhance user expression and creativity. This feature would not only add visual flair to user profiles but also foster a sense of identity within different communities on Discord servers newdigzconsignment. Users could tailor their avatar decorations to match the theme or culture of specific servers they're a part of, further enriching the social and interactive aspects of the platform newdigzconsignment. Overall, this enhancement would contribute to a more vibrant and engaging Discord environment for Nitro subscribers.






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