Spotify Mic Detecting


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  • brain

    they do this in compliance with Spotify's ToS. just make sure you pause at least once every 30s.

  • Knagie

    Can't you just shutdown Spotify on your streaming PC? That way Discord can't control it and you can listen to it on another device without it getting paused.

  • farb

    That would make sense, but the account links are not handled locally, so Discord can still track Spotify activity when the Spotify desktop app is closed.

    I have just tested this again to confirm.

  • George Markas

    I think this needs some tweaking done to it. I still got my Spotify paused when listening to it in the backround along with a friend EVEN THOUGH both of us were premium subscribers. This is just bullshit and said pause should only occur when one of the members in a call is not a premium subscriber...


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