Way to save and switch profiles quickly


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  • mattg

    I would just like to add that this is a pretty major source of frustration for me. 

  • UltraKirby123

    I desperately would love to have this feature, as a friend of mine stopped using discord due to finding it tedious to log in and out of different accounts when he wants to keep a certain side of himself private from another. This would be great on phones and on the PC app.

  • idprism

    I just realized this is in "mobile" category.

    Should it be moved to "accounts" category? I want this functionality anywhere I can get it.

    I have one name in steam and one name in origin and one name in irc and one name in <whatever else>. I don't necessarily want the people in origin to know my steam ID because it's autocompleted and visible in discord.

  • mellodoot

    Over 2k upvotes, yet very little interaction down in the comments!

    I highly approve of this feature. I've actually been curious for months if Discord would ever implement a feature like this. Services like Instagram and Facebook have very clean and efficient methods of quickly switching accounts, and as someone who has both a private and a public account (among many others for various purposes), this kind of feature would be a huge help for sure ^^

    My current workaround is having multiple versions of the Discord app installed (PTB for my main public), but realistically that method isn't a great way of mimicking "account switching". This also still means that mobile users are stuck with the one account at a time. Seeing quick and easy account switching would be great!

  • Pyro

    This would be fantastic on mobile.

  • oshap

    Me too, this would be so amazing

  • Altrunchen

    @Alexandra yeah but on slower computers logging out of one OS account and back into another can take a long time, not even kidding.

    Discord would have a huge edge on the competition if it implemented a quick profile-switching function since I'm pretty sure none of its competitors (Skype, Teamspeak, etc.) offer that right now.

  • Waf

    I think this feature would be so handy, I was going to make a post about it until I seen this one.
    I really would like to see this feature come into place because I have 2 accounts one for online friends and 1 for irl friends, it would make things much more convenient to quickly switch between them instead of logging in and out all the time.

  • DemiWah

    Would love to have this capability for mobile.  It's possible to work around it on desktop by grabbing the public test client as well, though that's not an option on mobile.

  • MrAPOD

    I would love to introduce discord as a community tool at my work. For that we need to be able to switch between accounts.

  • Underscore

    On PC a simple way to use severals accounts is to use différents internet navigators.
    But on phones, it would be useful

  • Mid

    pls add this feature

  • Vera Accalia

    Exactly. This would be extremely useful for say if your work/company used discord for communication between workers. It would be awesome if you were given the option "Do you want to join this server as (account 1) or (account 2)

  • Stelard✨

    Personally, I would rather Discord support the ability to have multiple personas in one account. I made a suggestion for that, and was told this idea was "the same", so here I am. Here's how I think it would work:

    • Allow users to create and manage multiple personas per account, up to a limit that could be tied to your subscription level.
    • Personas have their own name#number combination, their own icon, their own friend and server lists, visibility status, etc. When someone adds that persona as a friend, they only see that name and icon, and only mutual friends/servers shared with that persona.
    • When joining a server or adding a friend while having more than one persona, you must select which persona to join or add them as.
    • To prevent abuse, you cannot join a server multiple times with different personas. (Or, alternately, at the option of the server admin this can be allowed, but it reveals the link between the personas to members of that server. In this case, the user would get a warning before being allowed to join a second persona to the server).
    • Likewise, adding the same friend multiple times with different personas would not be allowed. (However, since you would be adding the friend's persona, it could be possible for two accounts to be friends multiple times so long as at no point are two personas from the same account added to a single persona's friend list.)
    • To prevent identity fishing, the "you cannot add this person as you are already friends with them under a different persona" message would not display the other persona name, and would be shown at the 'accept friendship request' step.

    tl;dr: One login, one account, one subscription, multiple identities. With some safeguards to prevent abuse.

  • KIng72

    I want to switch accounts without logging out and I want to switch accounts easily like social media.

  • KIng72

    But I want Discord switch accounts without logging in and out in my phone that is how Discord can improve

  • Grimpeeper

    For Android users, I think it would be efficient to optimize the Discord app for the Dual Messenger feature. Messenger, Snapchat, and WhatsApp do this already.

  • Zaknel

    Some people have multiple accounts for different purposes. I think this would be helpful. 

  • Perry

    So many reasons here for wanting account-switching:

    1. Testing user experience for a user with different permissions. I've experienced this frustration myself. When I'm debugging server permissions, I have to ask a friend to test them for me.

    2. Shared devices i.e. family who shares the same mobile device.

    3. Identity protection, an account for IRL communication, and one for keeping identity secret.

    4. Work & play accounts. Similar to the reason above, but a different motive. As an indie game dev myself, I'm about to release my game and I want to keep the spam, feedback & criticism to an account I switch to and receive notifications for when I decide. At the end of the day, I want to let my hair down in a place of safety, surrounded by friends rather than a few hundred people who are all judging me for my work.

    5. Undercover moderation. The naughty kids all start behaving when the adult walks in the room; the same is true for a discord server when an admin shows up. History exists in text chat but not in voice chat.

    6. Roleplay. Although this reason is less 'important' than some of the others, Discord is a game community chat service, and there are lot of RPGs and MMOs out there with people itching to 'become' the character that they play. Several of my friends do this on other chat services.

    No doubt many others that I haven't seen yet.

  • Erudian

    DanKSpooKLy - Please point me to where in the ToS it states that I can't have more than one account. I did a quick read-through of the Terms of Service document and didn't find any mention of such a limitation. Nor did I find any indication of consequences for users with more than one account. As far as I can tell, there is nothing in that document that prohibits me from registering multiple accounts as long as they are tied to legitimate and valid e-mail addresses I own.

    In fact, under the RIGHTS TO USE THE SERVICE heading, it states this (emphasis mine):

    The Company reserves the right to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the Service (or any part thereof) with or without notice. The Company reserves the right to refuse any user access to the Services without notice for any reason, including but not limited to a violation of the Terms. If you violate these Terms, the Company reserves the right to issue you a warning regarding the violation or immediately terminate or suspend any or all Accounts you have created using the Service. You agree that the Company need not provide you notice before terminating or suspending your Account(s), but it may do so.

    The highlighted statement clearly seems to indicate that, whether or not they would prefer each of us to only have one account/profile, they are well aware - and even "accepting" of the fact to some degree - that individuals may set up more than one presence in Discord. I have multiple accounts - one for my personal "chatting" with friends and family, one for interacting with my social media "brand" presence I've created, and one specifically for interactions regarding the development of a bot I'm working on. Each of these is tied to a legitimate, active e-mail account that I monitor for activity. I do not do this to try to circumvent any rules or conditions in the Discord Terms of Service. I simply want each of these communication streams to be separate and distinct to aid in the management of what information goes where. Additionally, my "personal" account is in several servers, whereas my other "official" accounts are in very few.

    Not to mention the fact that, as is evidenced by many comments in this thread, some companies are starting to use Discord for their own internal communication. This presents an actual need/requirement for individuals - at least those who want to have a personal Discord profile for "entertainment" purposes - to have more than one account. Using a business profile in more "public" servers could potentially open up security and privacy issues for the company. As an IT professional myself, if we used Discord in our office, I absolutely wouldn't allow my users to use their company Discord profile for personal chatting outside of the company. (that actually brings up an idea for another suggestion to implement some sort of centralized management of corporate Discord accounts, but that's for another day)

    I really want Discord to add this feature ("quick" switching between accounts) to facilitate the management of each of these communication streams as I can do with my Twitter and Facebook presences where I have similar accounts set up. As popular and desired as this request is, at its core it's simply a quality of life update for those of us who wish to keep our personal and "professional" identities separate. As Discord is shifting its focus to some extent away from being solely a platform for gamers to coordinate raids and such and I (personally) can't seem to find anything that would prohibit this type of use, now seems like an excellent time to add this feature.

  • JoKez

    Pls Discord add this

  • GeekRealms

    I agree, this would be a great feature.

  • Void

    This request is years old and has tons of votes and comments,.. not to mention many other threads labeled as duplicates pointing here. Why has this not been done? This is basic functionality. We need the ability to handle multiple personal and professional accounts. People need to be able to have discreet identities based on what they need to separate. This is literally in the top 10 improvement requests by votes and one of the most commented requests too.

  • Kervaldan-ish

    I do not want my family using my account. I am not responsible for what they say and have nothing to do with that. Therefore, they have THEIR OWN accounts. Unfortunately, we are now down to one computer and they are now needing to access their accounts, all of which are used for work they do. Maybe the average user doesn't need multiple accounts, but multiple accounts in a family are not unheard of. The inability to log out so another account can log on is a problem. Use your head NOE... there is a legitimate need for the ability to log on and off.

  • Tyrone

    I can't believe this isn't a thing already. Please add it!

  • ChrisG97 (2)

    In Slack, you can log into each server with a different email/account, and then use them all side-by-side, while keeping details segregated between servers. So you log in per server, not per instance of the Slack app. That would be the ideal setup for Discord as well, I would think.

    In the meantime, here's another potential workaround.

  • mcgroarty

    This isn't a 2 minute task.

    Switching tokens doesn't begin to address concerns like what happens with notification subscriptions that apply to the wrong profile, what happens to calls or screen shares in progress, whether the app mirrors Skype contacts to the alternate profile, etc. The development work would be extensive. And the privacy concerns about ensuring switching doesn't accidentally expose alternate profiles is worth a monumental QA project as well.

    We're asking for a big project here. But I suspect enough of us would be willing to pay for the $50/year Nitro on a second account that it would justify the work.

  • LarsMB

    I'd add my vote to this. As multiple communities user Discord, I don't want my personal and professional lives this intermingled.

    This is especially required on the app, which is otherwise brilliant.

    (In Firefox on the desktop, it's easily enough achieved using multiple containers.)

    I'd be happy to donate some pizza, drinks or cash if someone were to implement this.

  • Viki Ai

    I would like to promote the use of Discord at work as part of remote working currently very relevant internationally, but I - obviously - don't want to mix my personal profile in with my work one.

    Please save me from Cisco's awful corporate remote work tools! You are my only hope!

  • Scrabbleship

    How has this not been implemented yet?

    Discord wants more and more to be a social media app, yet every other social media app out there (Reddit, FB, Twitter) allows multiple accounts to be signed in at once.

    Maybe Discord should've spent less time on putting together a rebrand no one wanted and more time on features that have thousands of upvotes.


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