Grace Period for Deleted Channel Recovery


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  • iam

    I'm a software engineer and this data shouldn't be irretrievable, annoying to get, maybe, but not impossible. Still, Discord could make it a little easier for them to try to salvage something. I fully support this!!

  • FrozenStreams_YT

    i also support this. today, a friend in my school deleted my discord server because i wouldn't let him post 18+ stuff in general chat. I hope there will be a way to revert this, like the 14 day account deletion request, but maybe a smaller amount of time, and with servers. Or so only the owner can delete servers.

  • rubricae

    Someone deleted a 2+ year old text channel in my discord as a meme because he forgot you can't retrieve these things.

    I know stuff like this won't get back channels deleted before this would be implemented, but it would be kind of nice to see it for the future.


    I think 2 weeks would be a fair grace period, but that's just me.

  • fijau

    I was writing a bot and by mistake I uploaded the bot's token into a public repository on GitHub. In effect someone logged into my two servers and deleted all channels. Yes, we really need a retention period for deleted channels :D

  • Kiteraya Hone - MirjaH OC stash

    This grace period should apply to everything deleted. The Android mobile app not having confirmation prompt has caused a lot of problems when using it as Admin. This would also help with that problem - if the prompt is too much to ask on Android. (FYI, there is one on iOS app)

  • haish

    So today i was going to add a wallpaper text chat channel soon as i saved it every one of are channel were all gone but one named streamer. It didnt ask anything about the other channels im freaking out abit right now. Is this some type of bug we had this channel for years...

  • Damien Jacobs

    while we're at it, offline backups should be a thing, just as a second way of backing up

  • My friends "Friend" decided to delete all the channels in his server and there were a lot of memories of when we first voice chatted and such. If there was a way to recover all the channels It would make us so happy!


  • Tonyphobic

    Gotta agree with the rest of the people here, something like a 12-48 hour grace period to restore a channel + chat history from server settings would be fantastic.

  • LaNc3Ic3

    Maybe even deleted servers should have a grace period!

  • Obdimus

    Upvoting this because sometimes, you put your faith in the wrong people and they let you down.

  • Carrie - 187

    Fully on board with this as an option

  • Gen

    I definitely want this to be a possibility in the future. Even if not much could be salvageable.

  • So, I co-owned a old server, About 7 months with 1760 members at it's peak, There was a very trusted staff member that recently rose up through the ranks, He gained admin perms and added his own bot (this was a roleplay server and the bot acted as a walkie talkie, Connecting multiple messages from different channels.) After 1 week of having the bot, When i was the only online staff member, The server suddenly got deleted, Now i'm not talking about total deletion, He just gave the bot admin perms and told it to delete every text and voice channel. Luckily i banned the bot before it could delete everything and i think it would start banning people and deleting roles after that. Sadly, This caused us to truly delete the server because the rules channel was gone and people started to riot, About 500 rioters talking in 1 text channel at the same time, This is why the server was deleted (decision of the scared owner, Not the staffs decision.) And after moving through 5 now deleted servers in 1 day, We landed on one where i became the owner. This server has been up for 2 months and has improved security and staff, We could stop a bot raid in 1 minute where 50 accounts join and start spamming messages. And we also  now have new rules for adding bots. The thing is, is that this whole story could've been avoided if something like this deletion grace period was added and we could've saved the server. I hope to see this feature or at least something similar in the future to prevent anything else like this happening.

    Wish it wasn't deleted, I could've used the audit logs to get him and his bot banned from discord entirely.

  • Milark

    Why the hell is this incredibly necessary feature that clearly a lot of people need not been implemented after 7 months!?!?

  • Tonyphobic

    Just had a thought, might be easier to set up something like a server restore point or something along those lines.

  • TheMysticMinecart

    I recently deleted the general chat in my discord by mistake, nothing really important but if it were another chat it would be a big deal I fully support this idea and I think it should be a high priority on discords list of things to do.

  • Loskythecopydog77🐍

    A friend of mys who isn't a friend of mys anymore just deleted a whole fanart text channel which end up being lost. This happen last year as well with general instead. I would love this to be a feature to restore a deleted text channel. 

  • Jason.

    I put the faith in the wrong people, it costed me everything.

    I recently promoted one of my members to the second in command of the server, he worked really hard and I trusted him, while I was at school, he invited some people to the server, gave them mod, and they ruined everything, banned everyone, deleted all the channels, changed the icon, roles, everything was ruined.

    One of the channels (general-information) contained so much information, I couldn't revert it, so I have to write everything again, we really need this, please.

  • Cyanophyceae

    This needs to be implemented! I, in my own stupidity, deleted the #rules channel from a rather large server that I happen to co-moderate. It's luckily not a huge issue as the server is mostly adults, and the folks are well behaved, as well as us having a rather strong admin team, but it still poses a problem. This sort of grace period should be implemented, and it should have been implemented a year ago when this question was asked.

  • Tonyphobic

    I like getting emailed when this thread gets another hit, hope a dev flicks through this at some point :P

  • Shield

    Me too, grilledtony, me too! This would easily become a vital feature moving forward.

  • patch

    a work-around I've been using for a long while, is never delete any channels but if I want to remove channels from my general community, i move them over to a private category called "The Archive", only visible to top-tier staff.

  • ded

    that's not the point, patch, the whole reason people are looking for it is for stray mods or bot tokens being stolen.


  • Curzon

    Ngl, I think this does need to be added. It doesn't seem like it would be too difficult to implement, and It's would be really beneficial for my D&D server. (We end up having too many channels, so we have to delete old ones to make new ones, but sometimes valuable previous information is in the old channels, that is needed later on. Sure, we could document it down, but this would be a lot easier, and it's usually a heat of the moment type thing.)

  • Versimno

    I really support this. I'm part of a group maintained and owned server, and someone deleted the general chat, a 3-4 year old channel. All of those messages are just gone. It'd be nice to have a recovery option.

  • Marcus André

    1k of upvote and ignored

  • Tonyphobic

    2 Years I've watched this post, wheres the channel/server restore options Wumpus!

  • Risu

    How is this not a feature? ;(

  • iRaven

    Wishing this was a feature. Mod deleted a channel we had a lot of fun in and we can't go back to those memories due to that. :/


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