Extended Audit Logs (Log Channel Moving, Who added what Bot, Who moved who, ect)


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  • Central

    I agree; I have someone accidently or messing with the channel order in which I really have OCD for (eksdee) and would love for a function to have this, at least a bot.

  • Shadowwalker

    Definitely just had problems with it on a friends server and we are still trying to figure out who did it

  • BlazinG


    Everyone is too busy with emojis these days.

  • TexasZeEdiot

    I agree, it'd be nice if when people move other people it'd show up in the Audit Log

  • woomy

    Yes Please

  • Dair

    This exists in the audit log.

  • UniFLY

    this is a very important feature that has been left out of the audit log. some one is keep abusing the move permission and the admins are powerless to find who's responsible


  • -aleh

    yeah ! i can't without function "see who moved", very difficult to account for . Someone always trolls and puts someone else in a different room ! 

  • Baderi

    Another good idea to add to this, would be to be able to see a small log of what specific user said. As people could ban for a non ban-able offence; people asking for an unban who was banned without a reason because someone caught it on mobile, but can't give a reason or just wanted to get them banned. Even just during a ban a log would be kept of (x amount of time) or choose which parts of the persons log you'd want to "highlight" for a ban reason

  • 1-Magic-Thor

    Yes, we need it, too! Some Player from us don't want move from teamspeak to discord, because the logs are very poor...

  • Karta Fox

    yes please i got same issue on my server right now, some one moved another person and with no reason and now this person dont feel welcome anymore, so its also a issue about loosing community , and i dont know who it was.

    In that case it was a poor Girl who is in bad conditon (mind wise) it a huge problem of bullying.

    On Servers with only 2 or 3 admins it maybe not that big of a problem,

    but think about big community servers with 100 or more ppl where you got like 10 admins maybe 10 supporter and so on ,

    and some one abuseing that Trolling, its impossible to find the one who is responseable.

    Cybermobbing on this level needs to be stoped and this feature would help a lot.

    Thx for your help and your attantion.

  • Shroom

    I have an issue on my Discord where a channel keeps consistently being moved around, to the exact same (incorrect) place. Only 5 people have access to this channel, and none of us are admitting to moving it.

    Would be great if we could see if any of us are actually doing this or if it could be a bot or a glitch of some kind.

  • Permanently deleted user
    Might work well to have this but with the ability to synchronise the audit log to a channel and then you can just chat about actions as they happen
  • Zetta

    Definitely would love to have better logs, people moving users around without being punished because we can't find em, this is bad. 

  • raffyplays

    This should absolutely be done. In my server there's always someone that trolls people moving them in other vocal channels, I would really like to know who moved what/who so I could remove the permission to that person only instead of everyone.

  • AlienX

    This needs to be in Discord, and in the API so bots can grab this as a raised event.

  • spl33k3

    Oh, that would be really helpful to our server. Please find a way to see who deleted Reactions in the Audit Log.

  • purpzie

    They cannot manage their own highest role or any roles above them, so they don't have full control. If you really want to make it super specific, there are lots of bots that can help you with that 👍

  • NeXuS™

    There are no bots that can help me with that. I'd need order changes to be logged in audit log, so it could be tracked.

  • Skwaleks
    Yes please, and timestamps too then
  • Alex1304
    From my recent experience in a server where all pinned messages were all mysteriously unpinned, it would be a good addition to show in Audit Log who unpinned the messages. Currently the staff in the server I'm in is in a situation where it's impossible to know who did this, so no action could be taken. And who knows when it will happen again.
  • JukePlz

    I have also experienced this in a server with multiple admins, channel move and server mute/deafen should definitely be part of the audit log by default. If the issue here is legibility due to many actions, certain filters could be implemented to the logs to temporarily hide specific action types such as channel moves.

  • Owen

    Can you add this because I lost my admin because they blamed me for moving people around, and now they are not playing with me. 

  • TewSlo

    This needs to be implemented.


    Please Discord I know y’all can do it!
    We need this in our lives!

  • luacoding

    Seriously, this is very important and easy to implement. Please Discord, I love your program but we need more options to log all actions

  • Blastoise186
    I would have no doubts about agreeing with this one. I've moderated a number of servers in my time, and moving members between different voice channels can have more impact than some other permissions - especially if a moderator starts to misuse their permissions by inappropriately moving users and bots into or out of particular voice channels.
  • Julius

    Yes please, this feature has to be implemented !
    Its very important for administration.

  • MajorMoFo

    I would like to see a pop up appear to the user who is trying to be moved with a msg reading "<userid>is trying to move you do you accept" only users with higher perms can move those lower to but not equal to.

  • Dreylok

    It would be great if it also displayed "failure audit" information.  For example, if a bot or user attempts to perform an action that was disallowed by a permission, it would speed up troubleshooting.



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