Add functionality to nickname others


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  • MyriaCore

    It's kinda strange how long this proposal has been allowed to stew, since it's the 7th highest rated proposal in this category (at time of posting)

  • Agiordantx

    I too find it odd they're sitting on this one. I'd feel it would be a big importance to the devs making the user interface more user friendly. They wanna compete with other platforms like Steam so badly, yet they haven't implemented some of the key features that Steam has, this being one. Hope this gets more attention, because I'll certainly be spreading the word.

  • MyriaCore

    Right? Like imagine having less functionality than the android sms app

  • dokgu

    This needs to happen.. very much similar to Steam where I can identify someone and whether they change their tags as often as they breathe or keep it the same for as long as they live, at least I know who they are. I'm currently using the Notes section but that's just a workaround and not a proper solution.

  • David Orson

    Maybe writing it again and again will help, dunno... Would really like to hear from Discord staff what they think about this one. Have they ever replied anything?

  • MyriaCore

    I've only really seen staff respond to block or close things.

    Unfortunately, since discord isn't FOSS or even really transparent or accountable in any way, most development decisions seem to get made silently and behind closed doors.

    Known issues are silently ignored, while changes that directly cause those issues are silently implemented. It's kinda the worst. 

  • petritis

    I am would love to have this feature.

  • Furious Monkey

    (copied from my answer to another similar request)

    These aliases have to stay even if a friend is changing its name.

    Some people are chaning their names like their underwear ... After seeing this feature in steam i renamed anyone! even if I just change the name to their nick + where I meet them first.

    Something similar for discord would be awesome!

    I am okay with first showing the name the user gave himself, but maybe something like a shortcut arrow/indicator on the avatar showing you have set another name for this user, showing the name while hovering on the real nick name.

    But I really need to be able to change the names ... the notes are okay for now, but I don't like them.
    Especally ingame it is really troublesome if a new player joins the voice channel and you cant recognize who it is ...

  • mathacka

    Some people simply have offensive names and I'd personally like to see another name as opposed to reporting them or defriending them.

  • MagnyusG

    I would like to add that this functionality should be disabled in streaming mode in the case of nicknames being irl names in order to prevent doxxing.

  • merlin

    It's shocking that this is still not implemented 2 years later. It's also surprising that a few responses say "just use notes" when notes can't be seen in the chat. This has been basic chat functionality since AIM. As long as the names stay private to my side, I should be able to put my own names on whoever I want. If I want to relabel DragonXFgh789 as "Geiger" or as "Jerk who killed me last week", I should be able to.

    It is extremely poor UX for any user to have to memorize every username, or to ask that servers ask users to use different names.

    I don't know all my friend's usernames and I don't care to know them. Especially if they change it each week or every ten minutes

  • Dave-

    As someone with serious memory problems, I cannot tell you just how useful this feature would be, I am pretty much incapable of keeping track of my friends with similar names and completely lose track of them when they change their names on servers we share.

  • Muse

    I'm still 100% for this great idea.

  • cymrix

    It would be nice to at least see an official response from Discord on this topic, it's obviously important to people.  I would use Discord more than Steam for communication if I could just add a nickname/alias that shows next to their tag (like in Steam).  If I can't tell who they are in Discord, I won't connect with them there, I'll use other platforms.  Seems like Discord is just making people use their platform less by not implementing this.  Shit, make it part of Nitro, idgaf, just give us the option.

  • drlove

    Making this a Nitro feature would be great and would likely convince a number of people I know to upgrade.

  • MyriaCore

    I really gotta oppose making this a nitro feature. This is such a bog standard feature, that even SMS supports it via contacts. Most modern platforms support it - even skype and steam. This kind of functionality is as much a staple as the ability to send images. Imagine if that was restricted to nitro; it'd be a complete joke.

    No, this feature should be available to the masses. It should've been years ago, honestly.

  • Andrexea

    Its kind of baffling this hasn't been implemented yet, I thought Discord was trying to become user friendly.  I've mostly stopped using Discord to chat with friends as with all the name changes I forget who is who so I just use Steam.

  • JonnyBoy

    I can't believe that this hasn't actually been added in yet. Yes, we all know you can set nicknames on a server, we know you can make barely visible and almost pointless notes, but being able to change a person's nickname in your own client would be a fantastic addition to Discord. I hate it when a friend changes their name and I can't find them, or I lost them in the pool of DM's and forget their Discord name and I really can't stand having to ask a friend of mine in a VC "Who are you?" because I don't know who they are. A client-sided nickname solves all of those issues, and is extremely common for me and definitely a lot of other people. Please implement this ASAP, Discord, we will all love you forever.

  • IMarvinTPA

    I need this too.

  • zwometer

    I too am waiting for this feature for years now.

    Discord is not a tool to only communicate with your closest friends but also some people from a gaming community or a developer of some tool, or whatever.... so after a while you have multiple people in your contact list / chat history, that you don't personally know and that you don't know the name of.

    I'm using the "note" feature as a workaround but it's exactly that... going through chat histories/notes of contact after contact is something different than just scanning over a contact list and finding the person you are looking for.

    As some people use their name to express themselves, I would be ok with having a combination of both: display the original name AND the name that I assigned to that contact... 


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