Force disable invisible status in server settings


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  • neronix17

    It allows a degree of privacy, server admins should not be allowed to decide whether or not people want to hide for a while. Really if someone wants to appear offline then it's none of your business why, or even if there's a reason at all. It doesn't encourage anything. Being able to appear offline is a staple of online services, taking that away from the user does nothing but make them not want to be a part of your community, especially in the social climate we currently have where people have a fear of being constantly watched via devices and services.

    The only purpose this request has it to be abused by server admins.

  • MagnumDopus

    This is a horrible idea.  If a user wants their privacy respected, server owners shouldn't just be able to override the setting.  Privacy powers should always be in the hands of users.

  • onethesigma

    Privacy isn't always something that need to be respected, especially for server owner. Being invisible could be a violation of other privacy too. I think discord could be more versatile about this.

    For example:

    I have a channel that have specific roles on it, and I as the server owner, wants everyone that are reading that channel to be always seen as online. Being invisible, makes me unable to check whether that person is reading the channel or not. If i confront that person, he could easily say he hasn't read it, while he in fact has, but lied. Let's just say it was and admin room in a voting session if it would be easier to understand. Here, the online status enforcing is only for that channel, he could be invisible elsewhere.

  • neronix17

    Online status isn't the same as whether or not someone has read a channel and if they want to lie to you then that's their choice to make, regardless of if it is a bad one.

    "Oh but they're invisible elsewhere" doesn't matter, it WILL be abused if admins are given the opportunity. Luckily I doubt Discord is in the business of letting mini police states exist so I don't think this will ever be an issue.

  • onethesigma

    Like I just said, it was only an example. If the channel have an enforced online status enabled, discord can also notify any user that reading it. So they could be aware of it. As said before again, discord can be more versatile.

    Not every discord server is created with such freedom of privacy in mind. Many games require activity of its players. Being invisible is the opposite of it. Having too much privacy will harm the other players in the server. Why would you be a silent reader in a server that was designed for you to be active and communicate? That is selfish in my opinion. Privacy that violate other's right should not permitted.

  • Matthew

    Please add this

  • Tuvok

    This chat application is predominantly for games and as such, there are games where people infiltrate and hide under their invisible status on enemy discord servers. 

    Normally I would advocate for respecting peoples privacy but in the gaming world full of spies it's worthwhile being able to dictate how you want your server run.

  • kyoko

    you know that idiots can still spam call you when you are doing something important, if you are do not disturb. working, programming, homework. you can't disable calls from users from a switch in a setting.

  • Muse

    It's dishonest and discourteous for someone to use discord invisibly. Server staff benefit from knowing who of their staff and members is online, and when they're online. Role-play has been blossoming on Discord, and we who own those Servers dislike people being dishonest about when they're offline or online.

    If Discord needs to roll out a feature that auto-denies calls and the like, so be it. I'm just left with little recourse when people are part of a server that is highly participatory, and they want to hide their presence from everybody. It's super sketchy, and there has to be a better way for people to express that they want left alone than to run around Discord with a glorified Invisibility Cloak on at all times, and some don't have the presence of mind to distinguish between is and when ISN'T an appropriate time to use it.


    PS: Notice how people who can rationally and logically defend this feature/option are being downvoted. This is what I mean when I say that many users aren't trying to learn how to be courteous to server owners/staff, it's all about "MUH FREEDOMZ", nothing exists in their perception but their own wants and conveniences, even if it makes the jobs of Server staff more difficult. Some of these users may be so young that they are violating Discord's Terms of Use just by using the app.

    Besides; this feature suggested that we just know when someone is online/offline, for users who maybe aren't clever enough to toggle their status when appropriate; we aren't suggesting that server owners forcibly disable a user's ability to auto-decline invasive calls or group DMs.

  • RaZeFeiXX

    If you don't want people to read the channel's chat while they are being invisible you could get a bot that sets their role to "offline" and removes ability to read messages in that chat as long as they are "offline". 



    In my personal opinion, if we can't know if someones invisible or not, we should at least have the option to block users from accessing the server completely until they are "online".

  • Muse

    Agreed. But do you know how to code such a bot?

  • NitroCorrupted

    when im offline, its not to disappear from a server but to avoid someone (usually known irl) to not spam call or message me!

    i think that it would make no sense that i cant access a server because i dont want to talk to a friend at the moment!

    Also with the thing about online people in a server, when does that matter?

    a server with you and your buddies: i should be allowed to be offline. Any other server: i can still chat because i have full access to discord so im not being sneaky or sketchy because i will be able to talk and let others know that im online A public server for anyone: do you really think theyll care if one guy out of all their members is offline? i really doubt it especially since you can still talk

    but i really think this server stuff is dumb. For example: on snapchat (since i use that a lot) people dont usually care to be unseen from viewing your story but might want to avoid reading a message you sent because they will have there reasons!

  • PNWParksFan

    One possible compromise would be to have a channel setting to block invisible users from posting in that channel. I don't see any reasonable way to enforce this for reading a channel, but it would be reasonable to not allow invisible users to talk in a channel. 

  • KalooNie

    Seems like an invasion of privacy but I can understand there are certain uses for it as each server is different. I suppose if anyone has issues they can just avoid the servers using it, I know I would.

  • Sculacciapapere
    The possibility of being invisible should be given to the server owner.
    In servers where you play with deadlines or appointments many are invisible in order to specifically avoid some opponents and this is not right!
    If someone does not want to appear, just do not enter the server, if they do not want to be disturbed, they can use the "do not disturb" status.
    I ask you to add the functionality to let the owners choose whether they can be invisible on their servers
  • 👋 Adam. 👋

    yes people shouldnt be on server if want to be invivisible they are just lurking watching and they can always just leave server and come back if dont want to show online should be servers option on this to show who is online in there server

  • Zuek

    You guys are seeming to forget that Discord is widely used by all kinds of people nowadays, not just gamers. It'd be a pretty bad feature to advertise in your service. "Yeah, you know how in any other chat service you can go invisible for whatever reason? That can be overridden by a server owner! Forget about your privacy, eh?" I can only imagine normal servers abusing that to no end, and stalkery people joining servers that have this just to check if a specific friend is online. The privacy of the user should ALWAYS come before stuff like this. If you don't want to deal with invisible users you shouldn't have become a mod of a server because it's a feature on pretty much any chat client.

  • kyoko

    No one cares about your RP servers! Your weird erp only makes a small userbase of discord. The rest of discord have no problem with it and wouldn't want it removed. Discord has no time to add features that benefit a minority when the majority want it back

  • Levi  Ackerman

    It would be a useful tool to have for server owners but I can also understand why people would want privacy maybe they could implement it in a way server owners can turn on a that setting that makes it so you can't be invisible in the server but maybe you could have a option to give people access to invisible if they have a reason I understand this night not work for some of the bigger servers but it could be a good thing to look at

  • Muse

    There's a reason "E"RP has an "E" before "RP"; that isn't the same thing as RP.

    As I said above, this isn't about forcing people to show as Online; it's about knowing who is actually invested in the communities we run, and who just intends to lurk or take up space. Server Owners enjoy having an ACCURATE count of who is interested in the community, and who isn't. You're not entitled to come and lurk on our servers, THEY'RE OUR SERVERS! If you don't like that we want an accurate inventory of interested members, don't join.

  • kyoko

    no one wants to come into your weird erp shit and lurk.

  • Arkanite

    ay kyoko, 99% of the rp that takes place on discord ain't erp, bud. so how about you calm down.

  • krommeknie

    I agree with the opp. Actually I think its kinda weird that players hide at all: you want to submit or not. Same for friends on Discord: be friends or not but don't hide. Dnd is loud en clear. And if someone does not respect that, than delete or block him/her!

  • Kiljaeden

    It should be a server by server function and there is no reason for it not to be.
    Change my mind.

  • Jestdie

    I see no good reason a user should be unable to go into invisible status. I have read though all of the comments that have been posted so far. From the people that agree with this idea, they all sound overly obsessive. In what world does me or anyone else going invisible affect your life? One dude said this feature could destroy communities. I am really curious to know how in the world that is possible. 

    At the end of the day the one who proposed this change and everyone agreeing to it seem like all they want is the ability to force people to respond to their messages. I image it is something like, "I know you are online! WHY ARE YOU IGNORING ME!". I would bet my bottom dollar that this is the exact thing that made the original poster propose this shitty idea. If this is not the case I would love to hear the reason that someone being invisible is affecting you or your community. 

    No one should ever have the power to decided some else's level of privacy.  If someone is somehow disturbing your server by being invisible kick them. This is the power you have as server admins, you have no need or right to force someone to appear online.  

  • Muse

    You speak like someone who doesn't know how to consider others. Sneaking around invisible isn't about privacy, it's about stealth. You're either part of my community or you're not. It isn't a server owners fault if a user doesn't know how to set boundaries with people in their Friends Lists, so they skulk about invisibly, concealing their activity (or lack thereof) from any and all.

    Offline, if you always crept around, hiding behind furniture, hiding in closets and trying not to be seen, you would be outed as a creep pretty quick. Most responsible server owners agree that it's basic sense for a user to either be present, or stick to communities where they WILL be present and involved.

  • Kiljaeden

    Overly obsessive... Nice :D I'll assume that you're one of the weird creepers that can't handle your social life then.

    I have some people in my server that go invisible. They get involved in conversations. They ask questions.
    One of them asked a question yesterday. When someone asks a question, I have a duty to try and answer it. Sometimes that takes time out of what I'm doing.
    This has happened a number of times and a conversation requires input from both parties.
    If a person is online then I can get involved and stay there and get the problem resolved.
    Not knowing if the person has asked and run leaves me not knowing either way if I'm wasting my time waiting for the input from them.
    Having to ask them about the reason for their status can be confrontational.
    If the server you join doesn't allow invisible status, we all know where we stand, including you.
    Grow up and sort out your social issues please. If you have social anxiety, use DND and I won't include you or expect any input from you.
    It's very simple.

  • Saluki

    As other have already said, this would be a horrible violation of our privacy, and shouldn't be implemented for that reason alone. If someone wants to be invisible, then let them, otherwise you are defeating the point of invisible mode.

  • Ares

    Listen most of us don't want to be stalked and would like to know if someone is possibly going to join our channel. Its like this guy is offline but then I enter a game and boom he suddenly joins the game so he obviously watches people which means he probably does so on discord as well. Also add a feature to disable calls and messages or just block the guy if you don't want him to bother you. I think you should make status server bound so you can have different status on each server. Then you can give admin who now OWN the server to make rules and enforce them. This is actually a widely asked for feature even though it might not appear so on here.

  • Kiljaeden

    @Saluki Rubbish. If you are avoiding someone then deal with that issue or block them. Servers are usually communities and to be part of a community means interaction.
    If you want to be part of a community but are busy and don't want to be disturbed then use the functions available to you.
    Stop using your voyeurism fetish to pretend your privacy is being violated.


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