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  • Mich

    I'm very surprised that this hasn't been added.  Even moreso that it's been asked for for this long.  Just adding my vote.  Here because I just started my own discord and immediately needed this as a feature.

  • Seth

    We need more votes on this. I would very much like this feature.

  • Chronic Overtrader

    I don't understand how discord could create such a great app/platform and have such horrible customer service

  • erik.nicholas

    I'm a channel moderator. Which means I need to moderate the channel and keep it on topic and well pruned.

    I frequently have new students asking "What IDE should I use?" on the "#Term Project" landing channel, when there is a perfectly good "#general chat" channel suited for that.

    I hate policing after the "Discord amateurs" (a dozen every new semester) with what seems like a digital "harsh slap on the knuckles", when there COULD be a digital "hand-holding guidance to the proper room." Example:

    if( origPoster ) echo "<a href="/channels/...">Your messages were moved to #general</a>."
    +"Reason: You will receive a better discussion in #general for this question." ;

    I give a relaxed "No Bad Questions" policy at the beginning of each semester, but then here I am deleting their valid questions (and any others' valid answers that may have cropped up; keeping things "well-pruned"), publicly shaming them with the post "Please post general questions in the general channel", which to them sounds like I'm a snooty nun saying "Please, ask *those* sorts of questions *over there*... in *that* corner... wear that cone hat while your over there too..."

    And deleting others' answers is the worst. This either means the helper has to retype their whole response in the other room, or worse still, the asker returns after a day of waiting to an empty chat room without their question answered. What the heck?

    Stop making me sound like an [redacted] and add the [redacted] feature already.


    I just found this thread searching for why this isn't something we can do as Admins. The discord I Admin for has a "discussion" and a "complains" channel for a specific game. So we had someone ranting/complaining in the discussions channel and I wanted to move it to the complaints channel but can't. This is really odd I don't have the option to do so, only delete the message.

  • Bruce

    Just my 2 cents....... Being that this has been requested and ongoing for this amount of time, maybe the Discord team does not have anyone on board that is capable of coding and implementing this feature.


    /shrug shoulders

  • BartInfinity

    That is strange. I've asked Discord on Twitter and they replied that it would be useful and advised me to came here. However looks like here is already idea about it. Looks like hey never saw it.

  • Koshdukai

    Guess your tweet got the deserved attention mine didn't :)


  • BartInfinity

    Hmm your is from 2019. I recently noticed that they are more active on Twitter. Or maybe I just mentioned them and also left #discord tag. Anyway I hope they will consider this option in next update. I really like what they are doing however I personally would like them to focus on improve what we already have instead making huge updates with new stuff that no one need like game library etc. 

  • Almos

    This would be a great addition!

  • Kendra

    RIP, need this.

  • stubbo66[49DIV]

    Channels are getting beyond intolerable abuse without this's needed NOW please.

  • Panth

    How is this still not a thing

  • kaosaxis

    I've been starting to screen-shot the messages that i want to move then posting the screen shot of the moved message where I'm moving it then deleteing the old message. It looks terrible, it looks horrible that others see experience this. My jab :D is a reference to this page above the screen shot.

  • gingerbeardman

    Please add this feature!

  • Kenny

    I keep seeing people adding comments on this and others saying "they're not going to add it so why do you keep commenting?" If we keep adding comments and upvotes to this problem, and people keep tweeting them and notifying the developers, there's a chance someone might say "hey we should add this feature," so keep trying!

  • Anime George Washington

    Kaosaxis, you could use the quote function make it easier on yourself ^^

    But this feature is sorely needed.

  • Kendra

    If everyone commenting could also go on twitter, tweet @Discordapp and let them know we're still wanting this, still 3 years on - we may get some attention.

    Don't let them ignore you.

  • Lazlo

    Bump. Need this for my server plz.

  • Mr. Dan

    Discord Staff. Can you please make this happen? Thank you

  • Darr247

    I'm going to twitter-shame them about it, too.

  • Darr247

    Done.  Feel free to retweet it


  • Baracuda


  • Danal

    Seven months and absolutely no response from Discord developers.  I see from the main page on the website that it is a company.  With VC investors. 

    So, Discord the company, how about a response?  A "It is on the roadmap", or "never gonna happen" or even a hearty "F You!".  Just something.  Some kind of response. 

    Right now, the silence is deafening.  Total silence is the absolute worst response a company can possibly give.  And right here is a huge dose of silence from Discord to all the people who've posted in this thread over many months. 


    Perhaps they've sent the "F You" and we just all need to recognize it. 

  • dreamup

    The reason this is hard to implement probably can't be condensed into something a wumpus can understand, so we're getting the silent treatment instead.

  • sonicblue7

    I can imagine this messing up history, one solution to this is to only allow moving messages that are within a certain time period. That way if there is a parser somehow or whatever service that keeps track of it, doesn't have to fully request the whole message history. 

  • Borland


    AFAIK, users can already delete their own messages from as far back as they want.
    Moving messages assigning new ID's and updated timestamps should not be a problem...

  • Darr247

    Message ID should stay the same.

    MsgID, original channel and who moved it, should all be logged.

  • YariValtean

    This would be incredibly useful, can't believe it's not a thing still.

  • hysope 🥖

    Please do il!it’s really frustrating


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