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  • Omni

    I'm not subscribing to Nitro until MacOS games are supported.

  • Joshua Hartshorn

    I completely agree. I'm really interested in some of the games on offer, and I don't want to get nitro, due to there being no games I would be actually able to play. 

  • donwilkinsonUX

    Absolutely agree, this seems like a no brainer, the game store war is heating up and being inclusive will help keep the competitive edge and drive sales.

  • ⪼ʂɫгұ

    Come on Discord, get with the times. Macs are everywhere.

  • Redsfreckles

    Are there any games that are multiplayer that one person can be on a Mac, one on a PC and one on Linxus

  • Karl Marx

    yes i have discord nitro but i use to own a mac so i can't play those cool games.

  • Greenfoot5

    It's now coming up to 3 months since the launch of the store? Yet still no word on Mac or Linux support? When the store was first launched, it was mentioned that it's "coming" and yet... nothing.
    For those that also paid for nitro for the nitro games, that's $25 of a yearly subscription gone.

  • Greenfoot5

    According to reddit, they are sorting out the kinks with windows first before adding mac support.

  • matlo

    Mac support is essential, I won't subscribe until then either.

  • Spud

    completely agree


  • ∞Z∆†ƒ£

    I completely agree as well; I'm a mac user too, but, obviuosly, there are absolutely no free discord games on mac!


  • Tea

    I agree, im subscribed to nitro but I'd like Mac supported games. It just makes sense. 

  • Scott Pilgrim

    Same issue on Linux. The OS is not much of a gaming OS, nor is it popular with game developers. On my Discord client I just disable the gaming tab via Settings->Appearance->**Show Games Tab**.

    It would be nice, though, if the Store would automatically filter games by the current platform. I noticed that platform is currently not even a filter criterion. Which is weird.

    Edit: There *might* be a Linux or Mac game in there somewhere, but there is no way we will ever find it with no platform filter.

  • oobartek

    As a developer, lack of Mac support is one of the few reasons why we find it difficult to commit to Discord. While it's lacking other features, they are mostly nice-to-haves. But leaving out a significant group of customers is a show stopper.

  • jp5486

    unsubbed because of no mac supported games

  • Seahawksfan3210

    There is a window on the official discord thread about Store Compatibility ( that states that Mac and Linux support are "on their radar". I would think that Mac will get support within a year depending on Discord's priorities going forward.

  • Blastoise186
    This suggestion is asking for Discord Game Store support on Linux and Mac OS X
  • ZenOSama has old school games and more...and it is now supporting Mac.  Discord you are losing business. Move it or lose more subscription customers to your competitors that are listening to their customers and doing something about it.

  • Deadlock

    I'm on mac also and would love Discord Nitro but don't see the point if I don't get any games.

    Lots of the games on Nitor are available on Mac, so there is no issue there - so why no support Mac users ??

  • Electro

    Ya dude I agree. 

    I'm so mad that isn't with Mac on discord ;(

    Pls discord and Yang (creator of zombs)

  • index.ts

    As a Mac user, I'd be happy to have games to play. Even if there are not as many, some is better than none! 

  • Alexey.z

    give me games on maс. =((((

  • Gaming

    I would use Windows, but the MacOS is much more secure with Apple’s developer policy. Discord is safe enough on my Mac. The Windows OS is much of a malware prone operating system so I wouldn’t get that kind.

  • BoosterBuster35

    Include nitro games too. I want to support discord, but can't justify the cost at my current income without games on mac.

  • Theolodger

    king of the hat is mac, but thats pretty much it

  • Fαɾιʂ-Wԋҽҽʅҽɾ

    I recongized this deficit and so I made a server.

  • Theolodger


  • CoZy_Azkap

    agree there no games for macos or linux

  • xKrash


    ever heard of something called mac m1 chip?
    thats for games


  • TheFutureKnight
    so uh.. 2 things: 1- What does OS have to do with Game Store or Nitro? 2- Where's the actual suggestion?

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