Denying friend requests without them resending


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  • Strawberrymento


  • Cuvington

    I would like to see previously denied requests put into a hidden "denied requests" tab to avoid potential issues with accidental denies, wanting to accept someone you've denied before, etc.

  • Sinon

    This may not be what you need, But that feature is already implemented in a way, There's something called a block feature on discord. Woah! Amazing, Mind blowing am I right?


    No, But in all seriousness you can actually just block the user so they stop sending you for friend requests, In the very unlikely case that you want them to be able to talk to you, You just don't want them sending you friend requests, then I say this feature is a good idea.

  • TacoBell

    This is very obvious, but to some owners, admins and mods in huge servers, the best choice is to not have to block people and then not be able to see their messages in the main channels of that Discord. The Facebook method is the best one, they don't know if you deny the request, only if you accept

  • Kek

    Maybe the person is just adding you because they were told to contact you and the only way to message you is to add you because your privacy settings.

  • LizaRabbit

    My issue is I have accidentally denied a friend request by mis-clicking, and lost contact with them as a result because I couldn't find the user ID to try and send my own request their way, they probably think I was being a jerk.  Sigh.


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