Let users rate games on the Discord Game Store


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  • Necoron

    I think just plain reviews would be fine, even without the badges. It would serve as a quick method to highlight technical problems with titles. I've come across some problems exclusive to the Discord version of games and it would have been nice to know this beforehand, it would have saved hours of scouring forums for some scrap of information.

  • Bennet

    @Discord, just remember what happened to the Epic Games Store. There was a huge shitstorm because there was no system to review games. I really don't want the same to be happening to you, so how about you just add it befoere it's too late

  • MongooseBuster

    Great idea Spectrix. Glad we could speak about this between the two of us in conversations and it is great to see you standing up for your idea

  • [DarkmindGames]SLIVER

    I know that as a developer, I'm looking for a platform that also features a user-review and forum system. Review bombs are a thing, but they're also a minority thing and usually more of a response to the developer instead of the product offered. As long as you're not an asshole developer, falsely advertise your game, or try to cater to every player in the world you usually don't have to worry about review bombs if you have a solid product.

    I'm personally very interested in possibly using Discord as a launch platform as most people already have Steam and Discord installed so it's not a serious stretch to sell on one platform and not the other (at least initially). 30% is a hefty take and seeing as how Valve doesn't seem to want or need to budge from that figure the need for competition is absolutely ripe. I love everything that Discord is doing, the curation of the store front, the meta-critic review posting and so forth, but there also needs to be that personal touch of a peer review and forum system. These systems speak volumes about developers, gamers, and even the distributors that are used (the recent appearance of competition has done this); unless you want people to not take your platform serious as a full stop digital store?

    I can assuredly promise you that your financial incentives are all in the realm of perfect, especially for the independent developer such as myself, and adding peer-review and forum systems will definitely set you up as a strong competitor in this digital market. Again, the need is ripe and this opportune time is going to quickly slip away from you as Epic refines and expands their storefront. Add a review and forum system, and get the type of developers that you want on your platform. For only 10% (which you're offering) and an actual relationship with our customers (via review/forum systems), we'll come to you instantly and leave the greedy and/or incompetent folks to choose the other platforms that can hide reviews away. It won't be long until Valve or Epic steps up their game and pushes Discord down and away, so please act very soon.

  • GAS_MASK _GUY_71902

    They also let us purchase games without NITRO sub

  • Saturn

    I pretty much don't buy games unless I can easily find reviews for it, because I don't have a lot of disposable income. The first thing I did when I saw the Discord store was try to find a review page for their games, and I was pretty bummed to see nothing showing player interest other than a link to the verified discord server.

  • James

    Something similar to Steam's curator pages could be another cool addition to this.

  • Doggo

    Yeah this would be amazing, that way people don't buy a game then realize its absolute garbage and not fun to play

  • Skwaleks
    Reviews for games would be fantastic! The badge from votes can be abused easily if you ask some friends tho

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