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  • TheDemonDude

    I agree.

    We are a writers group sending written stories to one another for the others to read. Right now, we use Skype, but that's far from pleasant. 

    The 2000 character limit in Discord is quite a trip-wire for us to switch over.
    Skype sports a 25000 character limit, though it stops properly functioning or sending properly if you keep that limit.
    20k however, is fine.

    Perhaps you can see into this?
    Not many send that amount, but to a fiction-writing-club, and perhaps people who code game addons, people giving instructions for for instance crafts and hobbies, write game-guides as well as servers filled with roleplayers, I can imagine a higher amount of characters is a godsent gift. :)

    I would already be happy with 10k characters. 20k characters would be AMAZING.

    Right now, I'm avoiding Discord for my hobby as a writer/roleplayer.. but also a gamer writing game-guides for friends. =S

  • Leyssa

    I agree too, this limit is really annoying. Particularly in DM...


    Add to this the fact that your text isn't even cut at the 2000 character limit, but discord lets you type even more just to tell you "sorry, you exceeded the 2k limit" when you try to send your message, and you have to just figure out WHERE was the 2k limit by yourself... It's absolutely ridiculous. At the very least, cut the text properly so that we know where we have to stop, please. u_u

  • Fassa

    Please remove that limit. At least for administrators

    Its is Hugely annoying.

     It is the one worse thing that Discord has vs Slack.

  • Sky

    The feature should be made into a moderation choice where servers can decide to turn it on and off. 

  • SashaRUS

    I agree, I made the same request

  • 01101110/A Void

    This is a feature, I would like to see implemented. It should only be a moderator feature.

  • Bel

    I would love this as well, for the exact same reasons! I run a group RP server and have several private servers with friends for other roleplay and being able to make certain channels exempt from the character limit would be amazing.

  • JenoJams

    SAME I have to cut my replies into like 3 pieces, and it's a pain Dx

  • Echo(Hibiki)

    It really is a huge problem. The minuscule file size limit is already bad enough.  I convey to my players details that just don't fit in 2,000 characters! If it was around 5,000 I could see it being a bit more flexible, but as a DM i sometimes type out messages upwards of 10,000 characters, and my players find it irritating that they have to stop reading for me to fix the issue by splitting up a paragraph that's meant to be read as one piece.
    Whats more when i want to keep my DM Notes on certain players organized, the 2,000 character limit really busts everything. If Dargon wants to hook up with the tavern owner, and i have to add that to his relationship notes for the 600th time, it doesn't help to have his entry all the way at the top of the log when the rest of his info is at the bottom.

    TL;DR: The character limit should be removed. No limit is better than the restricted 2,000.

  • kuryakin

    Please listen to us, staff of Discord!

    I roleplay on Discord. Me and my writing partner have 1.5k word posts and it is so annoying to have to split it up! Could you please make this an option that can be turned off and on? 

  • Chokovit

    Yeah this is important for me too! I write a lot and I typically do my writing at night after my co-developer has gone to work, he works night shifts so by the time I finish my writing for the night and want to share it with him, he's still at work. I can't send him the document because he won't be able to open it. When I was on skype I could just copy past up to about 3 pages of text but the 2000 word limit really gets in the way of that.

  • Graysongdl

    Server admins should be able to remove character limits, or type their own custom limits for each role. And just remove the character limit in DMs. If someone's sending spam in DMs, you can block them anyway.

  • Bryce

    Any chance you could add this as a comment to this other thread. Maybe if we have one big thread with a lot of comments, it will get there attention that it really needs to be fixed.

  • I ROCK Bench

    Please add a setting to adjust the limit! It's so annoying having to cut and then recut your message because you don't know exactly when it stops fitting. 

  • Tuevon

    I really wish that this could be bypassed. I understand that they're trying to restrict server load, but exempting this for Administrators or exempting this if slowmode is enabled makes sense. Additionally, making it so server owners/Administrators could modify this setting on their server or remove it altogether would also be good as well.

    TL;DR—The limit is highly restrictive in some cases.

  • Bryce

    I would like to add that I would also like to see a higher limit. I understand that being too high would be bad for spam or people abusing it to transfer data in base64. What I would do is add a new permission on text channels that allows 10000 or 20000 character messages with admins always being able to make them and them always being available in DMs.

    I run a technical discord relating to computer networking. Often, people are troubleshooting issues that they are having and they need to post traceroutes, log messages, whois queries, and all manor of other important information. Because these are not traditional paragraph based messages there is often no easy place to cut the message without breaking the flow. Once someone has pasted one of these outputs into discord and seen the over 2000 char message, it is unclear where in the message they need to cut it to make it fit.

    I know that we could post things on pastebin or google drive or dropbox or many other places but when troubleshooting tech, you need to be able to see the log right there and not have to go elsewhere. A message should be able to take up at least two thirds to the entire message viewing area.

  • StevenCarson

    I hope that someday this limit will disappear, because it makes it harder to send long stories.

  • Brownie

    Yes if we had it to where we could at least disable it that would be great. I have been trying to post rules but they go over the character limit and its very annoying. So I think this would be a great addition to discord. 


  • Kewlin

    As a bandaid fix I suggest typing into notepad++ and then copying it in one piece at a time, but I feel your pain dude.

  • Tagom

    Please increase the message limit above 2000 characters or given an option in the server settings to be able to adjust the limit as needed.

  • Aesith

    I'm also having an issue with this. I run a private ttrpg server of just myself and about a dozen and a half friends, so spam isn't an issue here. I wanted to post the rules we'll be using and examples of such in a message where my players could scroll up to see them instead of going to google docs or downloading a text file or whatever other workaround exists. After shortening it as best as I could, running the web-based tools through tinyurl, sacrificing formatting, it still had to be put into two messages at more than 1900 characters each. Not a problem for rules because no one is interested in reading them as soon as they're posted. However if I were to post a campaign intro, we're now talking I either have to go with an immensely watered down version or hope that in my five or more posts I don't have an eager player jump the gun and interrupt the flow of the story.

    I assume the Discord staff know memory unit conversions so the following is for everyone else. ASCII characters take up a pathetically small amount of data (8 bits per), as a Nitro user I can upload files up to 50 megabytes (8 megabytes for the non-Nitro users). 8 bits = 1 byte. 1024 bytes = 1 kilobyte. 1024 kilobytes = 1 megabyte. So my 50MB file is 419,430,400 bits. For non-Nitro users with their 8MB files this is 67,108,864 bits. My 2000 character message in ASCII at 8 bits per character? 16000 bits. 1/26215th of my Nitro file and 1/4195th of a non-Nitro file. The ASCII character equivalent of either file is 52,428,800 characters for Nitro and 8,388,608. That's not including whatever other encoding and data is appended onto the text messages (but I assume that encoding is also added to the file uploads as well). Of course while everyone sending 52 million or 8 million letter long messages is absurd, the amount of people that would be sending messages over, say, 20,000 characters is insignificant compared to the total of 130 million users (from May 15, 2018).

    At this point I really don't care if I need to pay for a "Nitro" server to get an increased character limit on it but I feel there needs to be a way to increase the character limit, even if it's just a control panel toggle for roles. I realize this is a niche issue, but what is the reason that there isn't a server setting for character limits? 

    edit: this message wouldn't fit in a single post, it's 2310 characters before this edit.

  • Antigraviton

    As Derbon said, the point of the limit appears to be to enforce "being courteous."  For most Discord servers, focused on chat, that makes sense, and if I ran a writer's group (for instance), I would have people share drafts through Google Docs and just post links, rather than put the text of their drafts into the chat channels.

    However, people do seem to have legitimate reasons for needing or wanting to exceed the arbitrary 2000 character limit, and Discord can handle the data, so I support both having a longer default (5,000 or 10,000 - I'm often hitting that 2,000 character limit myself as an admin posting notices for my users) and allowing even longer per-post limits that can be set by the server administrators.  They know best what kind of chat should be allowed in their particular servers.



  • Gmoney2123

    I'm adding this comment in the hopes this will be heard by the discord devs.


    please add options to adjust character limit.... PLEASE


    mainly for the same reasons as listed above.

  • Stray

    I'd love a 10k or 20k limit over the 2k limit we have currently. I'm a writer, and a seller, and I find myself writing over the limit at least twice a day. It becomes very annoying to have to split my messages up every day.

  • Qlippoth

    At the very least, block us from adding text over the limit, or even break it up for us...
    Mark the limit, or something rather than just, "You did it wrong."

  • Ero

    Even if you don't want to maximize the character limit within the servers themselves, at LEAST allow us weirdos who write to one another and RP or collaborative story telling or whatever you want to call it toggle it off in our DMs.

  • Lady3mlnm

    Due to specificity of our group we can be sure that there are no spamers among us, or people who will abuse the time of others. Some situations require long thoughtful posts. Limit of 2000 characters is too small and very inconvenient. Please, expand this limit or remove it completely (or allow administrators to do this).

  • Axio

    @trojaner ... "Spam" would be multiple messages being posted, which this suggestion would do away with.

  • Zwip-Zwap Zapony

    As someone who administrates a Discord server with a server rules and server "F.A.Q." section, and who does not want to make every little rule or "F.A.Q." thing separate messages (especially as that'd make it troublesome to add a new rule above the "F.A.Q." section), I feel that a 2000 character limit is hindering.

    While 2000 may or may not be enough for an "average" user (by which I mean "not an administrator"), I have a full-on administrator role. Surely a server administrator should be allowed to have 65535 characters (or 65000 characters) or such per message? (Such a specific number because that that's about as much as an unsigned 16-bit integer would allow as a character count number; More than that would be even better, of course, but probably not worth it to go beyond 16 bits for.)

  • Fillix

    I disagree.
    Google docs would become a big mess with multiple people writing on the same pages, while being in different locations. It doesn't give a good option to talk outside the rp, share picture, share memes etc. Google docs also become way too laggy the more pages are made. And by now we're probably exceeded 100 pages by now looking at how much we've written inside Discord.
    I think discord is a perfect way to do rp's with big groups. We have the server split up into channel categories, telling us what region it is in the world we rp in. Those categories open up to several different location channels. This way people can rp in a certain location with eachother and they won't have to worry about other people chatting their own story in between. No one chatting through eachother.
    Next to that we have OOC channels where people can post the regular things, talk to eachother, post pictures, art and memes. We even have plotting channels, which help discussing the stories we create.
    If Discord adds the option for the server owner and possibly mods to choose which channel has a character limit or not, people can post their rp stories without having to cut it all up into parts, similar like adding a slow mode or not. It's not that dificult for them to do.


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