Voice Channel Hotkeys


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  • 5150

    this would be great for games you cant pause as well, such as online or other games that are more fast paced


  • Badouies

    It would be A-W-E-S-O-M-E 

  • daggys

    Would be a good thing, though it would copy teamspeak in a sort of way, but i upvote this.

  • Unitts

    Would be great for when I'm playing Arma and we split into different channels, yes!

  • TBattle

    This would be amazing

  • RoadTrain

    This is one of the things I've been missing in discord. Yes teamspeak has this but it'd be such a big help to switch audio channels via a hotkey

  • Ryan Hellyer 🦇 🍄

    +1 for voice channel swapping hotkeys. I really need this for when things get to busy in whatever channel I'm in and need to switch to another. If I try to do it mid-game, I'll just die.


  • Hamelionys

    And i think that this function need "return key" that returned you to the last channel

    Example: We bind "b" to go B channel, and we are stayning in A channel. We press "b" and remove to B channel, than we press P and returned back to the A channel because it's our last channel

  • Fox2

    I switched from Team speak and missing only this function. Switching from one channel to another using hotkeys.

  • terasin

    Any information on this capability?

  • timecop

    There is CTRL + K, but it is slow, it works not as i expected. Any other options how to quickly select channels?

  • B-Ball

    Please! This is so important! So frequently, we're in our "General"-voice channel and, then, splitting up into teams. It's sooooooooo annoying to have to close or minimize the game, open Discord and change the voice channel to the "Red Team" or "Blue Team" voice channel manually! It'd be so easy if it was possible to keybind voice channels in specific servers.

    No, I do not want to use the Discord overlay.

    Please prioritize this request. Thank you very much in advance!

  • netmask

    Agree with the rest! For raids and you need to quickly speak to just a subset of folks like officers or tanks, etc.. would be nice to be able to bind another channel. I’d imagine in discord architecture this might be a little more complex having to maintain two audio streams at once, but shouldn’t be impossible.

  • Akcium

    Damn. Are they gonna implement that? Its so simple and doesn't take long. I have relay no idia wy they didn't add this feature for two years.

  • Nostrildumbass

    bump, how is this not a thing? There's a hotkey for literally everything else but voice channels

  • discord devs never do what people wants



    This can be done with AutoHotkey, and Discord’s Quick Switch (CTRL+k)

    Start by installing AutoHotkey.

    Next you will need to make a new AHK script. Right Click Desktop > New > AutoHotkey script

    I chose CTRL+NumPad1 and CTRL+NumPad2 to switch channels.

    ^ = CTRL, ! = ALT, + = SHIFT.

    For example, if you want to change the hotkey to ALT+L, you would change ^NumPad1 to !L.

    Make sure that the current location for the Dircord.exe is in quotation marks after Run,

    The directory might change with future updates.

    Replace YOUR_PC_USERNAME with your pc username.

    Sleep, 500 = 0.5 second delay (you can change the delay if you need to, 1000 = 1 second)

    send, ^k = CTRL+k (Discord’s Quick Switcher)

    Replace CHANNEL_NAME_1 with the first channel you would like to join.

    Replace CHANNEL_NAME_2 with the second channel you would like to join.

    It helps to have unique channel names if you are in a lot of Discord servers, some servers might have the same channel names.

    After WinActivate, replace Overwatch with the name of the .exe of the game you are playing.

    If you want to have the AHK script to run when your pc starts then:

    Save script > Right click AHK script on Desktop > Send to > Desktop (create shortcut) > right click shortcut > Cut

    Next open Startup folder by pressing WindowsKey+R and typing shell:startup and clicking ok

    Paste the newly created shortcut into the Startup folder.

    Hmu on Discord if you need help: MADMAX#3088

    AHK Script to copy and paste: https://pastebin.com/5kRNGvuc


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