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  • shk

    Anybody who's been part of an active Discord community (especially moderating one) can attest, threads are one feature this application is in dire need of.  It gets to a point where actually tracking down the original messages everybody's replying to becomes so exhaustive users give up and just mute channels rather than deal with it.


    In other words, this is a basic feature virtually all comparable clients have at this point, and it kills a lot of momentum and user engagement when a server reaches a critical mass of activity.

  • Mizumaky

    Threading would ease our messaging life a whole lot.

    Please, at least try it in a beta or some test program, I would really love to see it.


  • zonabi

    Would appreciate the option to use threads as well.  Esp communities thriving on helping each other out with technical business, code, or literary review - being able to put the heavy content into a thread and keep a focused conversation around that one topic is critical for helping each other out in chat.

    Please give us the option for threads.  It will keep the chat channels cleaner on the surface and allow deeper focus on specific topics.

  • Klemm

    Threading is my only complaint about discord, It would be really nice to have for logically following up to older comments in a chat.

    Slack has a good version of it.

  • Edoardo Tarani

    Yes Please we need this Feature


  • glyphix

    This has been a request for 2 years and not been done? What modern channeled chat app does not support side threads?

  • 2ezpz2plzme

    Really hoping for this feature to be implemented.

  • jy

    Slack has this feature - just sayin!

  • Florian

    I'm a CIO/CTO consultant and I have received over a dozen times the same question 'should we move from slack to discord?' This feature (& maybe a few integrations) is the only thing missing.

  • geostory

    Another vote for this feature. Just started using the app with others in my community and conversation threading would definitely be a game-changer.

  • blanquito

    Let's do this!!! Would be help a ton

  • Fabu

    I honestly cannot want this enough.

  • LeoB

    would love this as well 

  • superbiche

    This is our only blocker to actually pay for Discord. 

    We cannot invite our customers to Discord and have to use Slack with matterbridge, but the lack of threading makes it impossible. So we're basically giving money each month to a tool we hate, instead of giving these bucks to Discord and use free Slack for customer-end.

    Also the lack of response from the team makes the "vote for your feature" look like a big joke. At least keep us posted about it.

  • Alcholik

    Please come on T_T

  • James Cobalt

    The threads code they were testing in the canary build has been removed. Hopefully that just means they're going back to the drawing board and not abandoning thread implementation outright. I suspect they also want to first see if the inline replies they're now testing (similar to quote replies) addresses enough of the concern. (...then again, spending an hour on a busy Slack would reveal it would not, and I'd hope their UX guys would've done that by now)

  • emrys7

    Please give threads. Thanks.

  • Envy

    I want threads! I use Slack for work, hate it, use discord for gaming, love it. With threads I could stick to my preferred platform!

  • erikhauters

    +1 for threads!!

  • Jnick

    come on ppl! deja de joder!

    give us threads

  • julismz


  • Haniicu

    Having a feature like this, similar to how Slack creates "threads" that can be independent but without creating an actual sub-channel would definitely make life easier for a lot of us and increase the functionality and productivity of teams and bigger communities. It's the only thing that's keeping me from making my whole community solely Discord-based. 

    If Discord had this feature I wouldn't have the need to keep my community multi-platform, as I'm sure is the case for many other communities and workteams. 

    Please make this happen! We desperately need this!


  • december

    This would be really useful for my company. We have quite a few people using Slack, but Discord is better in every way except for Threads. 

    As soon as Threads are available, we will move away from Slack to Discord

  • 2ezpz2plzme

    Looks like the Discord team is working on threads:

  • Envy

    I saw that and I think it did make it to more public testing and then was withdrawn, I, like @december have to use Slack for work and as soon as Discord has threads we'll migrate.

  • Wolfgang

    Do you have any more info or a source for that, @envy? Thank you! 🙏🏻

  • DrJimmies

    Discord needs threads to make chat more organized and to help users partake in older topics/discussions. This would take the application to the next level and would be even more competetive as a catch-all chatting application.

  • Jen Woodburn

    Definitely need threads! Please.

  • Dekatron

    2ezpz2plzme This is old news, before 3 months. Already someone posted that here, nothing's happen till then

  • Marc Vila

    @discord any news? Threads are a no-brainer every user is waiting for.


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