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  • Juliano R4010

    No one from discord read this. this board is useless. I'm off.

  • NewAlexandria

    They are clearly reading, but look at the stats:  this item is #17 in the list, by votes

    The reason why Discord should prioritize it in the top-4 is because it is #2, when you use comments to weight-rank the list :/

  • Restius

    I would imagine that both this and Quoting could be implemented in the same update. There's no reason that these two features shouldn't exist in some shape or form.

  • NewAlexandria

    The speed at which Discord could become worse is no excuse to do so.........

  • RunBuck

    Perhaps we need to post here (over and over) how to vote ... might be people are commenting but NOT voting.  

    So, how do you know you have voted?


  • UpperJeans


    "The reason why Discord should prioritize it in the top-4 is because it is #2, when you use comments to weight-rank the list :/"

    The number of comments is not indicative of the support for a proposal. Votes is much more so. For example, this comment is clearly not in support of this idea, but it is a comment. Also, one can easily post multiple times on a single proposal (as you yourself have done). Don't try to put your favorite on top by cherry-picking the numbers.

    Also, I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "weight-rank". All the sort button does is sort the proposals in descending order by the number of comments. It doesn't factor in multiple variables to weight, it's just the one.

  • NewAlexandria

    of course it's not indicative of support — it's indicate of engagement / controversy.  That's what you use it to add to the primary value (votes)


    > Don't try to put your favorite on top by cherry-picking the numbers.

    Thanks, you put me in my place 👻

  • RunBuck

    For those that think its important, just remember to (1) scroll to top of page and (2) click the up arrow on the original post.  Talking about this button:

    Careful how you click.  If you double click it reverses the vote.  You can tell if you voted by clicking it and seeing if the # increases (haven't voted) or decreases (have voted)

  • Adminiuga


  • jsmrcaga

    I hope that my comment reaches everyone.

    We're first on "Sort by comment count"
    And yes! We're on the first page on "vote count", HOWEVER, I agree with RunBuck and UpperJeans, "vote count" means more at the end. If you want this to become something share it on your communities, on your discord servers and your game parties.

    If I've started this thread it's because I work in an environment that allows me to realize what features a product needs (more or less). Clearly threading is a must-have for Discord, for all the reasons you have listed.

    The team has been busy building the store, but now that the store is operational, RUN and DEV dont take as much work and some devs should be free to build up threading and quoting.

    I do realize that the underlying architecture might be against it, and might slow down dev times, but if they start now they should be able to ship it in _max_ 1 month.

    Let's upvote this thread as much as we can!

  • Angel Angelic_Vamp

    I'll try to spread in our servers and maybe the site I'm volunteering. I don't know the results of my spreading but even a few is way better than none. <3

  • Glenn McGrew

    I apologize if my words offend anyone, but I'm not going to be super diplomatic just to spare someone's feelings.

    As much as I would like to see this implemented, it's only #18 (after removing the 8 above it that were already completed) on the voting list, right? Is this at all to do with the fact that the previous thread trying to get out the vote (which had over 900) was deleted? Sadly, that thread, which was stored on Google, has been deleted. What would this thread's rank be if that were considered? Around #11. Sadly, these numbers are ONLY for the Chat area of feedback - there are how many OTHER requests that have more votes than this one throughout this board?

    Frankly, I'd rather have an additional layer of organization, or the ability to move a message, mass delete messages, etc. than threading.

    If this feature is not even in the voting top 3 (number of posts is not relevant), why SHOULD it be developed first? I think we should be patient, and be grateful for what we get for free. If it genuinely doesn't meet your group's needs, there are PLENTY of other platforms out there, mostly with limits far worse than Discord, many that don't offer ANYTHING for free:

    Cisco Webex Teams
    eXo Platform
     NextCloud Talk
    Rocket.Chat (only free if we host it)
    Skype for Business

    There are SO many others - some of which are simple messengers without threading, others that are complex suites of apps that are more for a business team than a group of gamers. But, if you want something free with threads, and you don't want to be required to make a Microsoft account (for MS Teams app) then there's really only Slack, Twist, Zoho Cliq & Connect, and Samepage. At least, those are the only free ones I've found that allow 25 to unlimited users.

    If you want unlimited messages, users, channels, etc., BUT NO threading, try Samepage. They offer more features, threads, and so on, but it's not for gamers - it's for project-oriented teams, although you'd certainly be able to use it as a chat area.

    Where should the owners of Discord draw the line between a free and a paid feature? Do they give the most desired features for free and then make people pay for the less valuable features? That would not be in the best interests of a platform that is used for free by how many millions? Surely, they have the right to consider which VERY popular features will be restricted to those who pay $5/month (or more)? Must they concede every feature as being the inalienable right of the free users?

    Some people won't sponsor a company that doesn't rearrange its priorities to meet their demands. Others even threaten leaving Discord. Given that at least some are free users, I don't think they're going to give such demands extra you? Frankly, I wouldn't give much credence to threats of abandonment if I were the owners. How are they going to be hurt by fewer users? They'd decrease their expenses if the drop was big enough. This demand, to me, smacks of pettiness and entitlement. Free users who keep saying "Gimme, gimme or I'll leave" do not inspire developers to add what they want.

    Instead of behaving like: "Play my way or I'll take my toys home," adopt a sensible approach - go to social media and ask people to sign in and vote. Go to every community you're a part of and petition people's support. They don't even have to be Discord users - just get them to make an account, vote and leave.

    Will this guarantee that Discord will give us free threading? Not necessarily, but at least we're behaving maturely about it. Sorry, but that's how I feel.

  • NewAlexandria

    I, at least, have no intention of treating this as ‘gimme a free feature’. If this suggestion forum is only for free stuff, I’m happy to ask somewhere else instead. If this feature was paywalled as something I could get at some level of XX server users have Nitro then I’d be happy.

    If ‘Discord Product Corp.’ wants to fix this another way that doesn’t meltdown the eng. team with a core model refactor - ok. Get it right and feelsgoodman. Maybe any hashtag is an ad-hoc thread. Bootstrap anon channels from a reply. Whatever. Just give us contextual convos / threading.

  • Angel Angelic_Vamp

    @Glenn McGrew Please read my post in page 4. 

    Some of us are calm and yeah, we grumble and that but do you think we're like hating on Discord or demanding to them? We're giving our FEEDBACK and SUGGESTIONS to them. You might think threading and this post's vote rank isn't gonna let the Dev see or why try it but that doesn't mean we're giving up.

    Some, as you think who's petty and threatening to leave, do you think ALL are like that? :/ I do understand though that those kind isn't the right way but not ALL of us are like that. Re-read the previous post please.

    And as I stated in page 4: 'Let me tell you. In Slack and other chat sites there's a limited storage when posting comments, images, anything and to get free space (not to mention see previous comments) you need to PAY. You might say 'then pay the money, what's the problem?' is me asking you 'then would you keep paying monthly or why not you use Slack or any chat sites?'.'


    And this isn't me being angry at you but like a tone of debate.

    Edit: About Samepage, how much capacity of users can they hold? That's another issue that needs consider. 

  • Glenn McGrew

    Just in case it's not clear:
    I want a bigger character limit for the editor. 2,000 isn't close to being enough.
    I want threading and responding with quotes. If I have to choose one, I choose threading.
    I prefer another layer of organization before threading.

    There are many other things that would make Discord better.

    How many developers (programmers) does Discord have?

  • DavidWatson (EN/UK)

    Love the concept of threading and hope to see it on Discord ... have upvoted this thread.


  • DavidWatson (EN/UK)

    If they added Quoting and Threading in the Chat Perks, I think I would sign up for the $4.99 a month offer ... I only use discord because it's used as a support group for a Development Tool I use .. I have no use for the games ... but I'd be willing to pay my bit to support Discord in return for a better user experience ...

  • Val (trickycrayon)


  • josh.h

    This reeeeeeeeeeeally needs to happen, it's chat 101 type stuff IMO. /shrug

  • Chiaki

    I'm seriously considering dropping my Nitro subscription for the first time since it's available. How is it possible that Discord needs more than half a year to even COMMENT on this feature that such a majority of their users want? I'm feeling let down as a paying customer.

  • darkwingD A N K

    >Glenn McGrew

    What a garbage post

  • Mages Incorporated

    Not yet a Nitro subscriber, but would love to see this feature. I recognize that it's not a high priority, but it'd be pretty nice to have eventually.

    More organization would definitely let this also cater to business-modeled message groups, but since it's a message platform that was built by gamers, for gamers, I'm just hoping they'll consider this feature in its time.

  • Veetus

    Oh man, Discord needs this so bad.

  • gowilla hand

    Do you mean comments when you say threads?

    Like a clickable drop down feature to view comments on a specific post/image

  • I don't know if you have ever heard of Slack? It's a chatting program used my a lot of businesses and this program has a feature to start a thread or as you say comment on it. Only this command won't be in the main chat but to the side. Here is a screenshot of what it may look like.
    If you click on this reply it opens a little screen to the right side of your screen where you can continue chatting without everything going into the main chat and pinging people.

  • smb

    This is a neat idea. Too often do I find myself unwilling to interject into conversations due to the fact that there are either a few going on, or the topic is long since started. 

  • Maverick Wolfe

    This is NOT a good or neat Idea, Forums have their places, discord needs it's place. Turning Discord into a forum style program will make it bulkier and make things look very ugly, it will also make things hard if there is Roleplay going on within a server. If you want stuff to stay seperate make seperate channels that's what they're there for!

  • Donut

    Why do they need to remain separate though? People are much more active on Discord and game servers and other communities seem to be in favor of it. Also, if this was implemented it wouldn't turn the entirety of discord into a forum-style program, the forum-style chat would be a companion to the current live-chat system. Also i doubt the discord team would make a feature like this ugly or bulky.

  • Maverick Wolfe

    This type of feature would COMPLETELY DESTROY Discord the way it was meant to be used and make the experience AWEFUL! Again, it would be VERY UGLY and VERY BULKY and destroy the EXPERIENCE AND ABILITY TO ROLEPLAY PROPERLY! Think about it before you Upvote this completely stupid idea as it's not NEEDED OR WANTED BY THE RP COMMUNITY. Discord NEEDS to be it's own thing not something it was never designed to be! If you do NOT know how to create seperate catagories in your channel then you don't belong operating one! If you want a forum type experience LEAVE DISCORD AND START A FORUM! I didn't realize there were people that don't have the brains to understand that seperate channels within the discord are the way it's meant to operate, it operate's precisely like a forum should... If you want seperate topics you seperate them and tell your users to use those channels simple as that

  • Maverick Wolfe

    Also, Discord is unique in the way it is.. If you really want this, here's a better suggestion How about skins and Skin integration instead? That way you can make your discord look as ugly as you want it to and ruin your own experience instead of having something that forces that on others.


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