Option to Automatically Scroll Down to the Bottom of a chat.


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  • Trev

    Yes, please. For the love of all that is holy in this world. Add this option.

  • JRcat

    It's driving me nuts that the app doesn't let me do this. I don't care about old messages. Everytime I look at a channel I have to hit Mark as read and scroll down. Really?!?!

  • Moondancer

    Apparently you can hit the "End" button on your keyboard to jump down, but I agree as well. There's channels I only care about when I'm looking at them. I don't need to catch up. The option should be there to let users choose how they want to work through an individual channel.

  • Xevion

    I have to scroll past 50 messages every time I enter a channel. FFS, just make it start at the bottom already!

  • erack

    Please add this option, most of the time I don't care about old messages, I just want to jump into the current discussion.

  • Loonatik

    I also agree this should be an option.

  • JoaCHIP

    This is also a problem when using a browser:

    Pressing "End" on the keyboard doesn't even work. First you have to click in the middle section - without activating something unwanted - to bring that in focus. And there are no visual clues what's in focus. And then you can click "End" to see the latest. Switching to another channel and back will even make it forget that you're scrolled down, so now you have to do it again.

    Please raise priority of this issue.

  • Bu fnulc

    I have uninstalled discord some times because of this, its driving me crazy.

  • daimyo69

    Why is this still not a thing.

  • Synthead

    Is there a timeline for when this will be added?

  • Trev

    Thing is, this gets more annoying the more I use discord.

  • ixu

    Please add this. Also not all keyboards have END key.

  • JustJinxed

    Sometimes, there's a "jump to present", most the time, there isn't. And I can't figure out for the life of me what spurs it to happen. Sure, I can mark things as read (all the good that does me when I come back, I just right click the server and mark ALL as read anyhow).. Meanwhile in every channel, I'm having to CTRL-END to slowly get to the bottom of chat. Or SCROLL on my phone! Then out of nowhere, sometimes the "jump to present" appears. It's ridiculous this suggestion has sat here for well over a year now, and is half ass implemented. This is vital navigation!


  • JessPushToPlay

    I'd love an option to change the reading view to "newest at top" instead of at the bottom- this would also assist in not having to scroll all the way down to see the newest messages first.

  • Seagull

    Please add this, I'm sure having to scroll down every single time you open a new channel looks really cool when you test it but it is insanely annoying, why even bother scrolling to a random point in the chat, what makes you think I care about a message someone sent like 3 hours ago more than I care about something sent now?

  • cowbe0x004

    shift+end key will jump to the bottom.

  • AveryTingWong

    Because hitting a keyboard combination is what you want to do when in a full screen game with Discord in another monitor. Or what you want to do everytime you defocus Discord.

  • JustJinxed

    Well, that key combo should be listed in the CTRL-/ menu, dang it... 

    But as AveryTingWong said, that's horribly annoying to have to change focus and keycombo... 
    That jump to bottom logo should just be there- or even have an option to enable an auto-scroll per server / global. 
    (re: https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360056524951-Make-Chat-Auto-Scroll-to-Bottom)

    Honestly, I have no use for history in a lot of chats, and I'm constantly hitting that shift-end. 

  • shoeshmoo

    This won't be easy for phone / not sure if there's comparable for phone, but for desktop, if you press ESC key, that will mark channel as read, and will bump you down to the end of the channel messages (i.e., to the latest messages).

  • Frigidman

    This behavior has been driving my crazy.

    One should NOT have to use key combos for basic functionality as the repetition of having to reach for the keyboard everytime I'm just mousing between channels... 

    Geez. Put in an 'option' checkbox of 'stay scrolled to bottom' or something already! How hard can that be? You clearly had to go out of your way to add code in to make it 'stick' and post some nonsense about unread messages, and a button to mark as read.

    But what, stopped there? It doesnt even scroll to the bottom after clicking 'mark as read'! grrrrrrrrrrr

  • thegoat

    @Frigidman I agree completely.

  • mcswizzle

    The fact that this is an issue in 2020 is pretty weird. What other chat app leaves you scrolled up when new messages appear, especially if you don't check in on a channel for weeks at a time?

  • Synthead

    Reading messages that appear when you choose a different channel in Discord: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaTeCqp28z4

  • ProstateTickler

    Synthead LMAO absolutely perfect

  • kaykay

    Still not fixed....really annoying

  • amazinglarry

    Why isn't this an option yet?  I'm only part of a few servers, but most of those servers have dozens of chat channels and going into one, I just want to see what's being discussed at present.  I don't care about a random piece of conversation 50 messages previously. 

    It's incredibly annoying to have to manually jump to the present message, and that doesn't include the rare times where there's a link to do so.  Why isn't this the default behavior, or at the very least an option? 

    Come on Discord, be better.

  • Hope

    FFS, between this and the character length per post issue you'd think they never actually listen to people.  Look, Dicsord, if you're going to have a suggestion box maybe actually act on suggestions that people have been harping about for actual years.

  • LDZ

    Would love to see some progress on this. This would be such a trivial change to make, the functionality is already there, it's just a matter of running some function when a channel is opened...

  • Username Not Found

    3 years later... still not implemented on Windows but is on the mobile version for some reason. Just add a *scroll to bottom* button already! I've seen poorly coded websites that look like they're straight out of the 90's with a functional *scroll to bottom* button. Almost every messaging application will automatically take you to the MOST RECENT messages, not messages from 1 or 2 days ago that are no longer meaningful to anyone.

  • Pythoniser

    Just have to ask, is Discord actually listening to any of this? This seems like the most basic of chat features. I is so annoying to jump back into a chat channel, and have to scroll through a months worth of useless outdated chat just to get to the latest. Why cant you sort from Newest to Oldest, why cant you change the view from bottom latest to top latest, why cant you change you chatt preference from latest unread to latest. Basic basic basic chat options. This post has been here for 3 years, we surely have to expect they arent listening right?


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