Feature Request - Notification Sound Priority Tiers


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  • Knagie

    You already can when on PC. Right click on the server and under notification settings you can add notification overrides per channel. 

    It's not the most straight forward method but it does exist.

  • ErrantWitch

    Yes and no. The existing method results in this.

    I want to give priority to a particular channel without muting all the others.

    I want this instead:

    But the only way to make that happen is if @everyone and @here are used. 

  • feline aids

    my friend and i were talking about this exact thing an hour after this got posted what the hell

  • Adelnel

    I very much need this too. Especially while the game is on and going hot, I want to know just by the difference of sound if The Important Person is saying something or if it's just the guild talking about their cats.

  • NorthCarolinaNotSouth

    Was just thinking this today! It would be a great feature to add especially if one is waiting on a message in one server and gets faked out by a notification from a different one. :)

  • Birilling

    This! I was actually just talking about this in a server

  • 🗿WUBZT3R🗿

    I don't understand why people downvote ideas like this. Either support it or leave it, it isn't a bad idea worth downvoting. I personally think this should be a feature and would be very useful.

  • luviana

    i totally agree with you, its such an idiotic thing to downvote something for no reason. whoever did that, think about why.

  • Serum

    I sent this as a suggestion awhile ago and didn't get any where other than 5 votes. This would be nice. It would also make it better for community that do a lot of RP.

  • Gray

    Like adding a custom sound like fire example a lightsaber noise or something when someone leavesor joins a voice channel your in, you haveto make them disableable four people that don't like them but they could be turned around what a server is meant for. Like if it's a league server it couldbe a sound effect from oneof the various champions and what not

  • MichaelL

    Definitely would like to be able to have a loud/distinct PM sound vs the usual blip, on both desktop and mobile, and obviously the option to turn it off/DND.

  • MrFixit

    Yes, we use this for business and i would say 20% of the company responds to discord messages. When we used messenger it was a distinctive sound and 90% of the company responded to it. 

  • osiris247

    Please let us change the sounds. I have enjoyed this feature in other messaging apps.

  • Enzo

    I hope it wouldnt just be 3 different sounds.
    Obviously having the ability to do completely custom sounds would be great.
    I am in quite a few Channels and I sometimes get a sound, but I do not have ANY clue which channel it is from because my notification box is behind.
    Giving each channel its own sound would fix it.
    Having a set amount would always limit someone.

  • Kaia

    You can do this by selecting specific notification options in 'Notification Settings' when looking at a server.

    You can choose 'only @mentions' so you only get pings, such as '@user', '@everyone' and '@here'.

    If you don't want to receive '@everyone' and '@here' notifications, you can enable "Suppress @everyone and @here" so you only receive @user pings.

    Hope this helps you, and if it wasn't what you were looking for, I agree making it so we could just click a on/off button to make it so a server is either muted to all notifications or to make it so we only get '@user' notifications, - rather than doing the above explained process -, is a good idea.


  • almostsuspense
    yes it could be cool

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