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  • madmax_hart

    Yes. I agree.

  • BlackfyreOutlaw

    Echoing this request again. Please add this feature for DMs

  • Snake

    I think it's pretty safe to say if someone wants you to know they saw your message, they would respond. I know if I got a message from you, i'd likely ignore it too.

  • Randymations

    Well said. Seems like the people complaining that they don't know if their friends saw their message just don't have very good friends.

  • Laurencia

    There are couples in discord as well. You should know if the message has been ignored or not so it can be cleared out by each of them. If you don't want this, means you support either cheating or ignoring someone instead of just facing them or blocking them. Simple as that.

    Should be both on DMs and groups. But prioritize on DMs.

  • Sushi

    We definetly need read receipts!

  • Amo

    I agree with this. I upvoted :D

  • Peter Y

    very useful feature! highly required 

  • sgtlion

    Eh, maybe. Probably only if this is both a mutual-only and a manually-opt-in feature.

    Kids, if someone isn't replying to you, yes, they're either busy or they don't want to talk to you right now. Either way, they'll reply to you when they're willing and able. Being able to CALL THEM OUT FOR IGNORING YOU will not make your relationship any better.

  • PhilipSuttonOz

    Why assume that people want (optional) read receipts because they want to call out people, especially people they don't relate to well.

    The reason why I want read receipts  is so that I know whether a good friend has seen my messages - not to hassle them.  The exact opposite in fact, so that I don't need to double check with them and waste their time (and mine!).

    People are often pretty busy.  We frequently don't get around to replying to friends just to say "hey I saw your message".   That's what so good about being able to opt into an automatic system that can do the work for you, taking the pressure off about giving a personal confirmation reply.

    My friend and I have an arrangement where we mark each other's messages when we have read them (using a particular reaction emoji) - but with the best will in the world we forget to do this more often than not

    If Discord had an optional read receipts system, then it would only be used by people who get on well (otherwise one of the parties would turn it off).

  • Jet

    Totally agree on this, I feel like it should be added. I feel like it would be a great addition to discord. Of course, would need to have the options for turning it off and on for each individual person and have it customized like that somehow.

  • asciidude

    Honestly, I have to disagree. It takes away a tiny piece of your privacy, and would make Discord more like a clone of every other social networking platform

  • hajime

    a couple years later, i dont think this is needed. if it is added it should be a toggleable option, not something thats just set to being to default. 


  • Shafqat

    Please implement this!

  • david_lim

    Need this feature so much! just like WhatsApp

  • poggyyy

    I 100% support this, discord should seriously add this, I never know if im being ignored or they are just busy.

  • Oreo


  • Davis

    I use a discord for work groups and I want to be able to see if everyone has read the information or if I need to reach out to them directly.

  • Misantrium

    (I don't often reply on these threads - and English is not my first language, but here we go. I read a lot of the arguments that took place here.)

    I think that this feature would be pretty difficult to manage and cause a lot of pain.

    Currently I really appreciate the feature that marks things Unread again when I don't have time to reply to a message, since my time is often really tight. If people were able to see that I had read their message in a situation where I was not able to reply and then come to assume that I was ignoring them, it would cause a lot more unwanted strain and heartache for everyone. That would waste a lot more time and emotional energy than simply just putting a reaction or something there if you have an implemented system with your friends - a lot more waste.

    Discord as a workplace would be expected to be inefficient.

    And, it should be one's own responsibility to be able to read their messages in a workplace environment - not the employer's concern (even if said work environment is on Discord: I'd honestly recommend using a different app in that case). If someone is being irresponsible, that's their own issue and they need to be able to deal with those consequences. I never imagined that Discord would be ideal for any professional work unless you use it to contact clients or something like that - the only extent I see it reaching is for study groups.

    It really does invade privacy.

    I see the argument of an invasion of privacy a lot, and I agree; it's not natural for people to know what you are doing like this. I use this app for the sole reason that I can do so with leisure and not with the stress of people contacting me; I get overwhelmed when I talk to more than one or two people at a time - it's hard for me to not provide undivided attention to someone.

    Now this may be a rude assumption, but while I was scrolling through the comments, a lot of the people proposing the ability to read messages complained about being ignored. So, my next point will cover that.

    If someone is ignoring you...

    It's not always for a personal reason. Look beyond yourself and don't get so conceited. People are most often busy, or simply aren't in the mood to talk. In my case, often when I am online I alternate who I talk to, and establish a boundary with my friends for them to understand that I am at my limit of conversations for the day to save myself from getting emotionally drained. 

    But, if you're just annoying, then that's on you. Don't blame the app for not having a feature that makes you "less annoying". If you feel like someone is deliberately ignoring you, you can never truly tell (especially with Discord), so don't bother making assumptions.

    Lastly, the suggestion to toggle it on and off.

    It's going to result in people begging each other to turn it on when they don't want to. It's going to make some people get demanding and pushy to want to know what other people are doing. Not everyone has the same levels of respect, and it's going to lead people into having to create nonsense excuses as to why they don't want to turn the setting on.

    People are comparing this feature to be like that of Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. and it leads me to wonder why those people don't just use those sites instead. Not every social media should be obligated to have this feature - toggle-able or not.

    I know that I do not speak for everyone, but I don't want this feature.

  • Douglas Lassance

    Misantrium your concerns are valid, but this can be easily resolved by making this a server option. The responsibility of whether or not this is enabled then falls onto the administrators who will make the best judgment of what's best for their community. As a general user, you are free to not be part of that community if you do not like its rules.

  • sjk04

    tbh, I know that it is the opposite of privacy. But, maybe it can only be enabled if the reading one and the sending one both enabled that settings. Then, it would be good for privacy things.

    Also, get my upvote. +1

  • SneakIrwin

    I would also really like this feature. My siblings and I use a discord server to keep track of all the homekeeping and healthcare responsibilities for my aging parents and it's hard to know if something needs to be checked in on or not.

  • Buzzby

    At the very least for Direct Messages this would be amazingly helpful! If only I could vote this proposal up multiple times.

  • ECC9

    I hope they not gonna add this feature HOLY. 

  • reza_ma

    Please Discord! pleeeeeeeeease!
    This thread for seen/unseen message feature added 3 years ago!!

    and there is no update yet!


  • Farell

    Disagree, unnecessary and also violates your privacy as an user

  • asciidude

    I'm aware this is a three year old thread, but I'd still like to make my comment on this. Discord should NOT add this feature, it WILL increase toxicity on the app overall and make many stop using it. Also, it just wouldn't work on guilds, since on some guilds it will load way too much data. Plus there are privacy concerns.

    Some apps have managed to pull this off, but these are apps that have limits to like... 10 people on group chats and primarily focuses on end-to-end communication with TWO users.

    So, if anyone *really* needs this, just use Snapchat or Instagram or something.

  • Reza Rs3

    all apps have seen message feature it should be added to discord

  • vrunk11

    It could be a good idea if it's done with privacy in mind, so I give my idea of how to implement it

    I think it could be great to have 4 option that we can set for each friend/group

    1 - manual (default) : you click on a button to say you have read the message/thread

    2 - auto : you allow the selected person/group to automatically see when you have read the message

    3 - hybrid mode : you allow the selected person to see your activity only when he got the mode 2 or 3 activated (the user can't know if the other have the option 2 or 3 activated by not showing our own read status)

    4 - deactivated : the selected person can't see if you have read the message or not

    unless a rule is applied for a group (by sending a validation popup for other participant) and for privacy reason, the option 1 is the only option available for non-friend discussion or group with unknown person

    option is also set to "manual" on all chat when we have the invisible status

    as for server it up to the owner to set the different option available/imposed

  • 🐼BluePandaOG🐼

    We need this now. I hate being ignored and I have no proof I'm being ignored without the read receipt. Add this now discord NOW!


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