Star/pin/prioritize channels in server


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  • Roudydogg1

    Maybe let the server operator(s) access to this function. But most of the time, at least in my servers, I have channels listed in a specific category for a reason.

  • Permanently deleted user
    has been suggested before here just to let you know
  • Mistico

    It really is a suggestion to create favorite chats, but it separates at the top of each channel, I thought in addition to putting all the favorites in home ...

  • Nameless Voice

    I'd like to see this as well.


    Often, on larger servers, the channels that I'm most interested in are different sections and it may require scrolling the channel list to see them all.


    You can work around it a bit by muting and hiding channels that aren't interesting, but that's a bit extreme since it completely hides the channels, rather than just pushing them down the list.  That's fine if they are channels I don't want to see at all, but doesn't really work if they're just channels I don't want to look at often.

  • ArcaneXS

    Don't know if sorting channels and/or categories is an option but admins most often have a specific order of categories and channels in mind that relates to the purpose of the server, so pinning favourite channels like for example slack does would be imo the best solution.

    I'm in multiple servers where there are over 100 channels sorted in over 30 categories, but i'm only actively involved in about 5-10 channels spread all the way through the list. The CMD+K shortcut allows me to quickly switch to those channels but there is no way to get a visual headsup overview of these channels combined. So if I want to check for new messages I need to either scroll the huge list of channels (some categories are collapsed but still the list is long) or CMD+K through all of them.

  • AileTheAlien

    +1 for pinning / starring channels I want to keep track of. On larger servers with tonnes of channels, it's a pain to find the ones I care about.

  • Kaze

    @jedi3 it really is a bit different because it allows you to aggregate channels from all servers

  • username
    I disagree. When I collapse a channel, I want every channel in it hidden, not just the channels that an admin didn't pin.
  • Bluefirl

    This doesn't sound exactly like what I'm personally looking for or thinking. It sounds like it's an idea to have 'starred' channels moved to top of list regardless of server owner/admins desired organization. I would recommend more having the channels stay where they are and simply be visible regardless of whether a category it's in is collapsed. 

  • Tasha

    I went to suggest this myself but yes! This would be extremely useful for large servers with multiple categories/channels when you're only interested in a few. Basically, by being able to pin/star/favourite channel(s) when needed, it would bring them up to the top of the channels list in their own category, making them quick and easy to access.  

  • HeroLeam

    I need this!

  • KaduWoufs

    I'm with Bluefirl, having channels visible while it's category/group is collapsed would be nice. I really don't think it's necessary to move the "starred" channels to the top.

  • ophten

    @kaduwoufs on servers with more than a single page of collapsed categories, you are still requiring users to scroll down some arbitrary length to find out if their "starred" channels have new content. This is exactly why it is important for starred categories to be shown at the top.

    The user story is simple: As a user, I would like a way to identify "interesting" channels and have them presented without scrolling/paging to see new content.

  • HeroLeam

    @ophten what @KaduWoufs meant is that, with category servers, the member could have his favorite channels for him, where only he would appear as a "category" Favorites.

  • ekolis

    @HeroLeam yeah, that's exactly what Steam does (copy favorite games to a Favorites category up top).

  • Rose Kitty Witty

    This would be amazing that way we can have a seperate client side category at the top of the categories area linking to the favourited channels. Definitely want this. I'm on so many servers and even do servers and I have a hard time finding the room I want because there are so many. Definitely want this those.

  • Shebuka

    Also +1 for custom grouping of favourites. There is already grouping of servers, being able to drag and drop a channel into a folder will be super useful.

  • ctaylor_nurx

    Yeah, I'm in a bunch of professional communities that have dozens and dozens of channels, but I only need to engage with a handful of them and I want to be able to organize a view to track just those channels. Most other chat platforms have some kind of pin/favorite/etc functionality

  • XAML Llama

    Same here, pinning channels like Teams allows would be super useful for being able to get a quick glance for new messages in the channels I care about on a busy server.

  • kpwxx

    This would be super helpful.

    For the most part I collapse categories so only channels with new messages show, but there are certain channels I routinely want to go into to make a new post, rather than just reading/responding. It would be great to have a way to pin those so they are always visible even if they have no new messages and the category is collapsed. Otherwise, I have to expand the category, open the chat and then collapse the category each time.

    If you have the ability to collapse categories anyway, and mute channels, I don't see any detriment from users being able to do this from a server moderation perspective.

  • raking

    I really need this!

    Servers have dozens of channels of which 60% is not relevant to me.

  • fbidu

    +10000000000 from me! I've been working on huge servers with lots of channels and not being able to at least pin a specific chanel to the top is a pain

  • Kiril

    Maybe it would be better to create a "favorite" feature where it is always on the top in the channel lists. And you add specific channels to the list and not whole categories.


    Make the "favorite"  as a category of course.

  • QkeleQ10

    I love the idea! I suggest it would look similar to this (obviously doesn't have to be stars but you get the idea)

  • JoeTheGrind

    This is a feature I was looking for today. Glad I found this post since I was about to make a new one about this feature request.

    My ideal use-case (where I was attempting to locate the feature within the desktop app) is to rightclick Channel 1 in Server A and mark it as a favorite. Then go to Server B and rightclick Channel 2, then mark that as a favorite.

    Then, if I go to Home, I would like to see Channel 1 and Channel 2 listed above my direct messages.

    This feature would allow me to see my favorite channels from all servers without having to click around too much.


  • Nojh

    Personally I'd rather like to be able to pin / always-see certain channels even if their category is collapsed so I can easily navigate to it even if there's no new messages. But having a "starred" category would be an acceptable alternative.

  • DigitalMatt

    +1 for being able to favourite/star certain channels on a server. I am OK with such channels on different servers NOT being aggregated together.

    I'm currently on a server with literally 200+ channels, only two of which I care about. One is at the top, and the other is 75% down the channel list. So I am constantly scrolling back and forth. I want to star the two to bring them together to the top.

    Muting the others and hiding them would take much time (I'd be muting over 200 channels). Would be simpler to just "opt-in" to two channels than "opting out" of 200.


    Plus, it's not possible to mute and hide the voice channels. You can only hide the participants.

  • karaxgg

    Yes pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

  • Flybel

    My preferred solution would also be to simply have a pinned channel stay visible when their category is collapsed (no matter if the pinned channel is muted or not), as some have suggested. That way the intended channel order of the server is kept but I can quickly click on my favourite channel inside a category with 22 channels. Hiding muted channels won't work for me as I need to access logging channels or other temporarily muted channels quickly. But this could speed up navigation on servers.

    Starred channels that move channels somewhere wouldn't necessarily benefit server navigation as much, but if these channels from all servers would be shown on a single page in Home, it could give quick access to channels across servers and be a nice way to get an overview and catch up on missed messages.

  • espurrnoms

    I would love to have favorited channels for a server pinned to the top of that server. In regards to Flybel's comment...I don't want to hide all the other channels just to make my favorite channels stand out. Just having them at the top would be more helpful, I think. The channel order can remain in tact if the channel is located in both favorites AND their normal location, and making the favorites section collapsible also means those that don't like them pinned at the top can hide them.

    Doing this along with a similar feature for DMs (e.g. "close friends" section or something) would be a great major update to Discord.

    Having an area where your all favorite channels from all servers appears would be neat, but I think it could also become confusing without proper UI design ("which server's #general is this??). If it's done well, I'd love to see this too, but my main ask is for the ability to show favorite channels at the top of each server.


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