Disable Notifications For People Leaving Groups


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  • Vasp

    This would be great, however you have the abillity to mute groups. If the spam is such a big issue, you can re-use previously made groups or discord servers.

  • Flexo

    Reusing groups would be nice, but doing so requires all current participants to rejoin the call rather than just adding the new person and them only having to pick up. Example: We are in an active call of 5 people and want to add a sixth person. There already exists a group with those six people. Adding the 6th person requires one person to add them and then they have to pick up (2 people do stuff). With your suggestion moving to that other group would require person 1 to call the other group. Then person 2 through 6 have to pick up (6 people do stuff).

    So the option of just adding another person is way easier than having a group for every single combination of people you hang out with.

    Allowing us to select whether we want to receive leave notifications would fix the huge amount of them that one can get.

    (We don't get notifications when somebody leaves a server either, because that would be even worse.)

  • cc007

    Muting a group doesnt fix the issue. If the group is still used, you want to see the real messages, but you dont want to get spammed with leave notifications and you dont want to go through every group to mute them individually. The idea is that there would be a global group leave notification mute setting, so that you can focus on the important stuff: the messages (and memes, ofc)

  • Csaltotun

    Hello stuff! Is it possible to somehow disable notifications about someone leaving the group chat or to add this 'settings' in the update? Sometimes its annoying, when someone starts leaving from old group chat. Thanks. <3

  • MrStelpan1

    Please, make this happen! I want to have a clean Direct Messages Tab, and so many people get annoyed at this habit of mine leaving the groups, when it is obvious that they are not going to be used ever again. 

  • Chari

    Yes please

  • Nickoakz

    I also suffer from friends that don't understand to just stay in one server, and instead make new ones every day.

  • cc007

    Another example of why we need this feature:

    And that is on a 4K screen. Now imagine a 1080p or even a 720p screen... yeah...

  • Erik

    @Nickoakz, that's where the problem lies. There seems to be a sort of divide between my friends on how to use calls.

    Some of my friends are of the opinion you should keep reusing the same call over and over. I personally find there's reasons not to but i won't delve into them here because that's not what my argument is about. Anyways another group of my friends think it's best to just leave "dead calls" be and have them naturaly sink down your "recent chats" untill they sit at the bottom out of sight.

    This works fine for months and then one person decides to leave and that sort of starts a chain reaction as it triggers other people to leave aswell, which can lead to images as the one in the post above.

    if leaving a chat just didn't give notifications and didn't put your chat back up with recently used chats it would satisfy both sides. "stayers" wouldn't get spammed and "leavers" could clean up their chats as they wish withouth bothering anyone.

  • JohnK

    Yes this is hands down the worst thing about Discord right now. cc07's screenshot is dead on. Regularly my list of messages gets totally spammed with people's 'leaving group' notifications. 

  • Suspense
    no it's useful
  • IRPepper

    "no it's useful" to not have this feature mutable? No one asked for it to be removed.

  • Parallax Abstraction

    It's unacceptable that you still aren't able to require authorization to be pulled into group chats and that you can't leave one without it being broadcast to the entire group. This isn't a hard fix and needs to be implemented.

  • Auracle


    Unless someone who doesn't have friends
    Then he doesn't have this useless pathetic boring annoying ping problem


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