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  • Cordite

    I look forward to this.

  • obscvrvs

    please add this feature, it's an absolute necessity for ios users

    every other app has it, so why shouldn't discord have it

  • Nova152

    Add a quick reply button for iOS please everyone wants its badly cuz one it’s not fair android has it and not iOS and two it’s not fair to iOS that android gets the quick reply button and we don’t

  • Buran

    As of today I noticed that I finally have rich notifications and can directly reply via 3D touch/long press or reply on my watch!

  • Smay

    Holy crap its here! It’s not even in any of the change logs. This is by far my favorite new feature, thank you devs!

  • lolrepeatlol


  • Buran

    It is. I couldn't get into the beta when prompted by a rep (for a different issue) because the beta was full, so I'm stuck on the stable client.

    So you're safe to switch.

    Fortunately, the issue I was corresponding about got fixed on its own...

  • TimThe
    this is currently already possible on android

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