Multiple single use invites


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  • Simon1505GE

    Did you find a solution for your problem Infini? Trying to make no-timeout-single-use invitations too.

  • Douglas, of the Aethereal Oaks

    This still seems to be a problem. I would have thought that this was a fundamental step in the logistics of such a program. The problem of character limit on permanent links could be easily bypassed by using a character in a fixed location to differentiate between temporary invites and permanent ones, as well as encoding the length of the rest of the invite link. As this would allow links to grow up to 31 additional characters, even allowing for equally extended temporary limits, and could, with a bit more planning, allow for links of any length by means of recursive logic, i find it hard to believe that this is causing problems, but so many frills, bells, whistles, and partridges in pear trees are being mounted to this less than rigorous foundation. Especially since the notion of equally extending character limits on temporary links is ludicrous.

    Alternately, the problem could be addressed by extending the options for a link. Adding granularity to the use limit, allowing for, say, a link with two through four uses, as well as twenty, would allow for links to be sent to any prespecified number of intended recipients up to a limit of 220, in such a way that said recipients would consume the uses by exact count. Putting links in a sequence of rotating phases, with a note that a limited number would be available before cycling about and adding an additional use to an old link, would solve most peoples' problems well enough, assuming there are enough phases. Furthermore, while it may require a single, fixed increase to length, timeframes between 1 week and all eternity should really be considered. 1 month? 1 year? Possibly 1 day over 1 fortnight, to allow for certain business functions? (That last one was a bit of a stretch, but the point should be apparent.) A month is more practical than a week in certain social circles, and a year would allow for practically indefinite links to eventually be recycled.

    In short, y'all need to have a mathematician take a look at this problem.


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