size of avatars and names back to normal (Android)


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  • Yahiroz

    It may have been affected by this:

    But yes, the best option is to add a configurable setting that allows us to change the font size to our liking. Please do not suggest us changing the system font size instead, as that will also affect other apps. It is much better if Discord has it's own independent setting.

  • OminousCry

    Thanks for adding a font scaling setting in the latest Android Alpha update, really appreciate it!

  • A guy named Jens

    Its under Appearance

  • UnstoppablePhoenix

    I agree. Give us an option to change between sizes.

  • ONIX

    The font is very small. Please add a change in the font size. Version 8.3.8G of the Samsung SM-T805.

  • NotCancer

    The icons look like normal now when using the smallest scale settings which makes it look weirder and fits less stuff in at once

  • Purpzie

    Seems like this is a case of "I keep noticing this because I'm not used to it", I'm already fine with the new size even though I wasn't before.

  • ks
    honestly loving redesign and hope it will stay. makes it way more comfortable to use app

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