Move "start call" button button in DM/group DMs


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  • Vera Accalia

    Can this PLEASE be a thing, Discord. I can not tell you how many times I have been laying in bed using the Discord app, only to drop my phone and try to grab it, accidentally tapping the call button. And it doesn't help that it IMMEDIATELY begins the call, no warning. This seems like a major flaw in the app. If you can't move/give the user the option to disable the make a call feature, could you please make it warn you with a yes or no prompt, to avoid accidental, awkward calls?

  • Samnix

    Happened to me, casually scrolling through server, I hold my finger to look somewhere else, get teleported to DM and call a friend. Just a confirmation message is good enough to stop those akward moments

  • Metyl Onyx

    We need this.

    Not just on mobile, either.
    Trying to look at pinned messages has caught me out a few times in a group chat.
    Calling someone at 3am does not go down too well.

    Please, move them away or give the option to hide.

  • Smushily


  • тост

    This needs to happen, a more sensible place for the call button would be right next to the user's name.

  • PosiBolt

    A confirmation or ability to move/disable voice functionality for people that rarely or never use it would be greatly appreciated. Hitting the button on accident is an instant connection that's difficult to cancel.

  • soba

    It's frankly criminal how inconveniently placed the call button is, and you can't even delete the log that indicates that you started a call.

  • amanda2986

    I walked somewhere and didnt realize I was in discord and called a comes like a massage that this person have called u and I feel like Remove It Now or I’m dead inside😕

  • Gofven

    This is why 3rd party clients do exist, cause even the larger suggestions arent getting heared properly, please discord i beg you, listen to your community for once

  • dantheprogram

    I’ve done this dozens of times accidentally, please look into a solution (like a confirmation)

  • looselystyled

    It seems like incredibly poor interface design to get people used to the search function appearing in one region of the screen for all guild channels and then in DMs swap it out for a function that's embarrassing to use on accident and is not safeguarded by any manner of confirmation prompt.

  • skybird2333

    Discord, we DONT need to call or video chat with random strangers online. Move the button into the user profile or something.


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