Website Inspect Element needs a stop.


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  • minejulrbx

    It is not possible to disable this, & you can also do this on the downloaded PC version. Also, you can easily without actual skills needed edit messages with image/text softwares & apps on both pc & phone, even I do this sometimes when making memes. 

    Also, the inspect element is actually very helpfull for me, when I need to talk or share message including information I don't want to share. Example, names. But removing the name or blurring out stuff will make confusion of what's actually going on in the message I'm showing others, I can edit names & other information I don't want leaked but still share the messages without people being confused.

  • ShaMe

    Hello, Knight from the future!

    You can verify that someone said something in-side of a server by using the search function.
    As long as you have access to 'Read History' in the channel that message was sent in it will show up.

    Just search a couple of keywords used (or the entire message). All the common-words like 'hello', 'a', 'was', 'there', (etc) are ignored inside of the search function, so that it only showing results from multiple keywords you typed.

    But as stated by (@MineWolfa) it's not possible to 'disable' the Inspect-Element as it's a browser feature and alls it's doing is essentially just allowing you to visually change HTTP/PHP(/Whatever)

    While technically you could make it impossible to 'inspect-element' by turning Discord into a new "source"(so to speak) and have it run as an application inside the web-browser... you're still immediately faced with the other thing that (@MineWolfa) said... You can easily photoshop 'fake' Discord messages.

    Honestly? There is probably already a 'fake Discord message generator' online somewhere if you go looking.

    Hopefully the fix to your problems -> (Simplified)

    • Use the 'search function' provided by Discord.
    • Make it against the rules to submit false reports! >:O


  • Just cd


  • Pax

    You’re right!

    I’m a victim to fabricated screenshots.

    Many of my friends commited suicide due to that.


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