Temp. Roles


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  • MoonlightCapital
    Already possible with a bot, search "discord temp role" bot on Google
  • Unactive

    Already suggested. Effectively many bots already offer this feature.

  • Lingie

    Timed roles sounds like a really good idea, because I need them.  Following the follow up posts to the OP has so far yielded nothing, as it seems like everything THINKS you're talking about self-appointed roles.


    I'd like to know where there's a bot that gives a role, and then takes it away after a set duration, because I'm having a hard time finding this.

  • Raynerdrall Ganiock

    If anyone find or create a bot with with that function mention it plz

    I tried a lot of bot while looking for one with the function of giving temporary roles

  • BlackHamm3r

    Please create temporary roles

  • Onyx

    Carl Bot can do it, and carl bot will be my first choice because it has so many features


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