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  • Zacatero
    This would be very helpful for like a music bot channel.
  • noodles

    I don't think this is a good idea because it kinda removes the point of there being an AFK timeout if it can just be disabled. It could be useful in certain scenarios, but if an admin just removes AFK timeouts for everyone, it makes AFK timeouts useless. It'd also force people to manually switch to an AFK channel, which may not be the best thing in certain situations.

  • chev-browser

    @Noot An admin can already disable AFK timeouts for the entire server...

    Why are people downvoting this?

    We're just asking for the ability to make exceptions to this rule for individual roles or channels. Right now it's all or nothing. You can either have AFK on for everyone or off completely. I have a bot that sits in the channel and plays music/podcasts and if it stops playing something for too long it drops to the AFK channel forcing me to move it back to the right channel before playing more audio on it. As the admin of my server I want the ability to keep AFK enabled but make an exception for that bot. Would also be nice to make exceptions at the channel level as sometimes we might hold a meeting of some kind in an admin/moderator channel where everyone just has to listen to one person talk for a bit. If they don't touch their keyboard/mouse or say anything for five minutes then they drop to AFK even though they were there listening. Being able to turn AFK off for a channel like that would be wonderful.

  • Aki

    @chev-browser Pretty much the reason I asked for this. When I'm streaming, I usually mute myself/disable audio until someone asks to join, so I won't get random disturbances from people who might be able to join this channel without permission. But if I stay silenced for too long, it moves me down to the afk channel, which is pretty pointless.

  • Ashley

    I'd like to see this too.  Either a per-role or a per-channel option to disable the afk timeout would be fantastic.

  • road

    Specifically, I would love to see a "channel exception" to the afk rule, so that people in a specific channel will not be moved to the afk channel after going idle. I hate that people self-muted on the music channel are considered afk simply because they don't speak while they're in a game of csgo or doing homework or whatever.

  • GrumpyPlok616

    I also want this, as multiple people in my discord will leave them selves in it and forget about it
    but i have 1 guy who when at work never uses his mic

    so i want to give him the ability to stay

    or better have a longer afk than 1 hour

  • Decayem

    I've been having the same issues on my server. there are some roles not all that i want to be moved to the afk channel but as it stands only me (discord owner) that does not get moved. this would be handy to be able to set some out of the 9 roles i have set to be moved to the afk channel when the timer is up for them.


    could this be implemented in future patching please, it would be much appreciated ;)

  • tommy61157

    I would love to see a permission too that would exempt persons with a certain permission from the AFK timeout.

  • MaximoKnight

    This feature would be very useful to me, and I can see a few different scenarios where it would be, give you 1 example: 

    busy discord server, but "management" has private (invisible) to the public rooms

    for the most part I want everyone to be transferred to AFK if inactive, but I certainly do not want owners, mods, etc. to be moved from their private rooms, to visible afk room if gone for a bit like the rest.

    there is definitely some good scenarios that a function where you would want global AFK but exclude a room or category or possibly an individual from the list. 

    Hope I see this soon. 

    Thank you

  • The-Killer

    I need this as well as I have setup a bridge to teamspeak via virtual audio cable but the bridge user keeps getting moved to afk

  • Abdros


    All server admins need this at a role, channel, and/or user level.

    I can do it in Teamspeak.

  • Fry187

    would love this feature added. 

    Channel exception or role exception. Ideally both.

  • KrytonTek

    I personally NEED this feature! I host a Discord server and I want to create a "bot" account for my streaming computer to catch audio from other people in my channel when I'm recording. I need this "bot" to be exempt from the afk rule. Currently I'm simply forced to disable the afk rule entirely if I wish to use this feature.

  • iRaxor_GS

    i would love this feature, i was looking for this because i have a server where i like to send people when they fall aslep to a channel, and play relaxing and sleeping music 4 them

    this would make a lot of people happy, and would improve the discord posibilities

    srry for bad english :c


  • malaber

    +1 to this feature. The lack of ability to exempt people/bots from AFK timer is annoying. Subsequent to this, we have no AFK channel at all. The ability to be able to exempt roles or people from the timer would be fantastic.

  • almostsuspense
    Nice idea
  • Encina

    Guten Abend. Mein altes Handy ist leider kaputt gegangen und ich habe meine AFK Arena Account nicht mit google verbunden. Wie kann ich meinen alten AFK Account wieder einrichten? Die alte IP Adresse / Nummer habe ich. Vielen Dank schon mal. Gruss

  • Nilser05

    I would need this too i got one channel on my server, that sonly for me and im getting moved out every time.

    So und für "Encina": hier geht es um eine Discordfunktion und nicht um AFK Arena also such dir ein ordentliches Forum

  • Psychonitrous

    YES, I want this. It would be nice to setup a monitoring channel so I can put myself there and wait for my friends to get on and do errands. Right now when no one is on, I don't join a channel because I know I will be shoved to AFK and my friends see no one the server so they don't get on either.

  • Ady212

    I want this really bad 

  • Smeller

    rebump. I have a date night where I watch a movie in sync with someone else and don't use push to talk. We use a specific channel for it and would like to either set ourselves to not afk, or set that channel to not let us afk.

  • Bred

    +1 This would be great for Twitch Streamers servers

  • sumdumshady

    +1. I really want this feature as well. I have channels for students on my server and we often get in the zone studying and go for periods of time with talking. It would be ideal to set an afk timeout exception on specific channels and or as role permissions.

  • Faelandaea

    I definitely want this feature as well.  There is a streaming channel I want to be exempt as well as Admins should be exempt as well.

  • Zorkind

    It's amazing that this has not been done yet, such a simple thing to implement, i guess. :-\

  • Ashley

    Would still love to see this added.

  • Platinum Lucario

    I'm still curious as to why this hasn't been implemented yet after 2 years? Discord just recently took away the loophole for us desktop users to have the mic sensitivity to the lowest to stay in a voice channel beyond the Inactive Timeout, so nowadays we timeout, even if there is sound from our mic. So please, do the following:

    • Create an option for roles to be exempt from the Inactive Timeout
    • Make a 'custom' Inactive Timeout timer, in which allows to type in a value of how many minutes, hours or days it can last for
    • Make individual channels have the option to have an Inactive Timeout, like the voice region settings
  • Heaton


  • KonEckton



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