Muted User Icon


3 yorum

  • ||Jojo||
    There is an icon for muted users, maybe you disabled it with hiding the names?
  • Aslan

    I like to see a red circle to clients that have been muted by the user for him / server mute.

  • smcoll

    Another way to state the problem is that i don't know how to distinguish between a self-muted user and a user i muted.  i'm using the webapp.  Maybe if the mute icon with the red line (like a user's own mute button) were used in that case, it'd be easy to tell which is which.  Someone mentioned that when the muted person was talking, their name would light up, which would perhaps be enough of a signal for me to tell, but in the session i just finished, that wasn't the case.  Everyone else was hearing the user, and their name was not lighting up when they were talking.


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