Permanant way to change user tag numbers


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  • index.ts
    that defeats a lot of the point of Nitro. When you buy nitro, this is a perk that you get for supporting Discord each month. When it runs out, you are no longer supporting them so your perks go away. People would just buy one month, change the discrim and not pay for it again.
  • ZX ////
    I think you should also be able to change it once for free, similar to how the XBOX Gamer Tags work
  • Varien

    I think they should implement this feature.
    Many people who can't afford Discord Nitro may really wish to change their user tag, and if it were possible to make a one-time purchase they could save up for it and buy it.
    Personally I'm trying to save money for travel and can't afford Nitro at the moment, but I would totally buy myself a custom tag, even at a high price.

  • Cori

    whats wrong with paying for a month whenever you want to make a tag change. Its all good money


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