View Limited Message History


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  • username
    I'm not opposed, I just don't see how this would be useful.
  • Northern
    I still do not see the real world application in the suggestion, maybe elaborate a little more??
  • Sir Ace

    We need the ability to limit a user's or role's ability to see chat history ONLY since they have joined that channel.

    This way they can't go all the way back in history, only since they have had access to the channel.

  • Hunterprime

    To explain better, I as a Admin/Mod have a need to search the entire history of the server. My general members in practice only need to search the last 3 months of messages as an example. Turning off message history is a kinda a way to control this but it is basically becomes a all or nothing filter and only works for past messages before they joined the server.

  • MonicaRose

    this is a good feature, and would make a good role (allow new users to view chat history, yes or no)


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