Idea: Swap "Server Banner" and "Custom server splash background" Nitro Boosting Perks


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  • Hexerin

    As someone who runs one of those small servers (just me and a few friends), I couldn't agree more. I don't care even the slightest about that "custom splash" for invites, I'd much rather have a nifty banner on my actual server to give it a bit more of a personalized feel.

  • megu

    I would love this change, the splash background would be nicer to see on more servers instead of an invite splash.

  • KinglyCapybara

    I primarily use Discord for a private server with friends.  It's great having that level of customization, however new people are hardly invited to the server at all.  A cool option, but it will go unused for us.  The banner on the other hand is always visible and would feel much more rewarding personally.

  • rockout12thman

    I agree with you. I have been using a private server with my friends for a long time now and we have many different channels. We like to keep things looking nice and would love the extra customization to create banners for channels but we do not have enough people to get 10 boosts and almost never invite therefore not getting any use out of the invite splash screen. 

  • Endra

    I was literally about to post this same suggestion. I have wanted a custom image of some sort for my server since its inception. Two subscriptions is doable but ten is going to be difficult/almost unobtainable for private communities.

  • Castawayfan

    the small server i'm in barely has enough people to reach level 1, i'd much rather have the server banner since we barely get anyone new joining

  • NeloBlivion

    I think Discord already knows that the Banner is the better reward, so of course they're gonna make it a higher level than the invite splash. Same with the vanity URL - it's the most desirable reward, but they aren't meant to be easy to get, which is why it needs so many boosts.

  • Mimrik

    Yes, please. We have a small server for our gaming community that's also a circle of friends, so we rarely invite anyone new. On the other hand, being able to customize the server with a banner would be very nice.

    To the poster above me: the only use for a vanity URL is letting new people join the server easier. It's the most desirable for large public servers which have to account for a significant influx of users, but not so much for mid-range niche communities and small private servers. So its placement at the highest boost tier (which bigger servers will be more likely to afford) makes perfect sense, unlike the first two perks.

  • Prismane

    I couldn't agree more. Small server with a set group of friends, we won't invite anyone else but I spend most of my time in this server. A banner would be much nicer than the invite splash.

  • cinna

    Completely agree. The pin limit gets a bit annoying, and switching the splash features would make alot more sense.

  • どっふ

    It's very rationally.


  • Andraw

    Does anyone know what's the difference between "Server Banner" and "Custom server splash background"?

  • KinglyCapybara

    The 'Server Banner' is the image you might see in some servers that is at the top of the channel list, it has the name of the server overlayed on it.  The 'Custom Server Splash Background' is a bit misleading, when you click on an invite it brings up a screen showing the server info and it has a default discord image in the background normally, with the custom one you can choose what that image is.

    Or that is my understanding at least.

  • ArlandTest
    • This is in comparison to if you run a small private server (with less than ten people and so no way of getting to Level 2 easily) you'd probably rather have the custom server banner to spruce the place up a bit.

    What the first reply said exactly. I'm not sure where are custom invite background would even be viewed, but the background art at the top of the server list is awesome. I just had someone boost our server, and now that I've found the answer as to the difference of server splash image and custom invite background images, I won't be subscribing to nitro to give us level 1 perks. I wouldn't have hesitated if they were swapped. We can't possibly be the only one's in that position.

  • Sealith

    I'm surprised this hasn't had any traction for 10mo. Servers with a need/desire for splash screens are going to get 15 boosts easily. Smaller, more private servers have little to no need for a splash screen, but can get just as much use out of a banner image as a larger server. However, a server like the one me and my friends are in would require half of the server get nitro and dump all their boosts into the server just to reach 15. I'd take the banner over the animated icon tbh.

    Splash Screen > Server Banner > Vanity URL

    Does not make as much sense as 

    Server Banner > Splash Screen > Vanity URL


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