Boosting more than one server.



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  • Placeholder

    Yeah the limit is really bad since it would force you to decide on one single server even if you have several you love. What is worse is the fact you get a visible badge so if some people know you on several servers you would turn into the guy who boosted server A instead of server B

  • ConnyState

    give us +1 boost every month atleast :)

  • Ymmij

    I agree with 5. Many people are in many servers and the price would be worth it. Maybe make classic only have one?

  • draterttv

    Another thing is that I own multiple small-medium sized servers and I cannot promote my own servers and my friends servers. I have 1 Overwatch server that I boosted because it is where I am mostly but my friend Ulandos has his own server which I am a Patreon too. I can't help him out as well as myself. 

  • !『Merk~』!

    This, but also, to be honest, I would like the ability to boost the same server again (after a cooldown, of course, and definitely much longer than 7 days. I think a month is reasonable for this). Reason being, if you're the only one in your server who has Nitro, you'll never be able to get those perks for your server without some kind soul agreeing to purchase Nitro and boost your server.

    And then, you can't count on that person's boost forever. If at any point they cancel, all your server members lose those perks. That paints a target on their back for everyone in that server.

    Plus, if that person breaks the server rules, with the Nitro Boost system being what it currently is, mods have a hard choice between banning them (which will cause the server to lose perks when the banned user revokes their boost, something which server members are likely to blame the mods for) or showing favoritism (which would either be seen as unfair by the server members, or worse, encourage other members to break rules). Nitro Boosts should never be able to be used as a bribe.

    For the latter problem, I would like to suggest not that Nitro Boosts be permanent, but that the levels achieved by a server which has been boosted be permanently unlocked. So if one person stops boosting the server when the server is at 10 boosts, the server goes down to 9 boosts, but never loses the level 2 perks, no matter how low the server's boost count drops.

  • draterttv

    I agree, only having one boost is not enough tbh. Especially when you own multiple servers or want to promote your friends server and another one too. Plus buying nitro yearly is quite expensive for me so having more would make it feel more worthwhile.

  • SteveJones313

    This NEEDS to be a thing because only being able to boost one server at a time is just stupid.

  • Amber Spark

    Please, open this up, I beg you. I'm part of several small communities of similar topics and many of us share servers. This system forces a popularity contest on everyone who has Nitro (which is a very small segment of the population). This system has amazing benefits, and I love what it gives, but my personal server is going to lose this popularity contest, despite the fact that I share 3/4th of my server with others.

    Please, give us another way to boost or allow us to do multiple communities. Maybe a system like 1 user can boost 3 separate servers. Or add the ability to do one monthly. Or as the previous person suggested, have it be an unlock system where you can reuse your boost in some way. Or something. Please, give us the ability to support multiple servers, especially for the smaller servers of 150 or less. 

    Because right now, I'm feeling like this is a money grab or a DLC, providing awesome features, but ones that basically force us to demand our communities by Nitro (and they can't even get Classic, they have to get the full version, even if they don't want the games) to get the benefits. 


  • yellow.jello

    I'd love the ability to be able to boost the same server twice. I'm helping to run a rather large Discord server, and it's still quite difficult to find people even interested in the feature, let alone using it on something that isn't their own.

  • draterttv

    Thank you for all of the support on my suggestion. I did not expect it to get so big I will be honest. Though I do agree with everyone here there should be a way to get more server boosts. That way big servers like Hentai Haven's Discord server doesn't hog all that good shit.


    Also, AgentM I have no clue as I haven't had a need to switch boosting. Try DMing Discord on twitter about your issues. They may be able to help.

  • Kat21
    we need this
    we really need this
    My friend has a Discord server and I came across another one recently and he was saying to boost and get a reward so I did, then the other server was saying to boost and I was like "Ugh, we need to be able to boost multiple servers! I thought we already could do that..." This really needs to be added.
  • N0nsense

    Maybe an unlimited amount for nitro games, you start with 2/3 boosts and get 1 more per consecutive month you have with Nitro Games, consider previous months as well.

  • AgentM

    Ok, so, I removed a boost from a server I was in. I removed the boost, at least on my end, but the server says there is still one boost. So that means my boost remained even though I removed it. So the question is, once my cool down ends, would that then remove the boost, or is it permanent?

    That would probably mean, that you could technically boost more than one server, but only get the little badge by your name on one server. Another question is, is it like mileage on the car, where the counter never drops even though no longer being actively boosted by a nitro user?

    I wonder if it is a bug that the counter remains at its previous level despite losing a boost, or a feature.

  • A Clean Person

    What if you tied the additional boosts to the hypesquad community events?
    Either the winners get another boost to their accounts
    or everyone that participates gets one, but only after the event~ :D

  • SeVen Zilver

    Can you add like a small fee instead to pay for each sever you want to boost?

  • ari

    I definitely agree, and I wasn't able to find information on whether I could use the nitro boost more than once aside from here- discord is pretty unclear on that.

    Being someone who is on the $10 a month and whose main server is one with about 7 active people (who are all my best friends and i'm the only one with the $10 a month) I definitely agree that 1 nitro boost a month would be a good idea.

    It doesn't make sense to only give one nitro boost to each user total considering what perks you get. It's just not worth it for small servers, it seems to only benefit massive active ones. 

  • (XB1)PRaDiUSxUCM

    Agreed! You should also be able to use multiple boosts on one server if you are the server admin. Or a way for server admins to subscribe to these boost perks without having to rely on a bunch of other users in the server just to keep a custom banner and a handful of emojis.

  • Heath

    I have so many servers I want to boost and I really want to just be able to buy more

  • Jiko (liseyann)

    I would love this feature, and I agree with lots of the above suggestions.

    The boost limit can be 5 servers (OR, 1 boost per month on a server you've already boosted once) if you're an early supporter or nitro classic subscriber, or if you're paying the $10 per month version, the boost limit can be more than 5.

    And the boost cooldown can be 2 (for 2 different servers but only once in a given server) per month or something.

    Permanent boost perks are also a great idea, that way even if people can't pay for nitro any more for w/e reason, the server in question will still show the users in the boost history (in the server settings).

    There could be an option for buying more boosts, but that might turn people away from using the feature.

    Maybe nitro boost handouts can be awarded by playing the games on Discord? Or reaching high score leaderboards on those games, idk.

  • Potato

    We need this feature added. 1 boost is just not enough. Allow us to recceive more boosts each month or something.

  • Gremlin

    I just finished my 7 day cool down and I've been wanting to boost the same server again I've told my server that after the cool down is finished I'll boost it up again I promised them too, at least add in another boost after the 7 day cool down

  • Natah

    I agree. I have two servers I'd like to boost up . Or perhaps you can purchase an extra boost. 

  • GTA Tetris

    I guess it's to prompt more people to get Discord Nitro and to make your server boost more rare so servers have to earn it from you. As only 2 server boosts gets access to Level 1

  • nether

    I have to agree with you here, i am in many servers but only 1 or two i really love and i would like to be able to show that, versus only having 1 boost. Perhaps have several and still have the 7 day cooldown between. 
    The server boosting is a good idea but there are a few things that i think still need to be changed and updated to make it more user-friendly and worth having.

  • Dawn

    Can someone respond to AgentM’s comment? Does the counter go down when you switch your boost to someone else? Or does it stay?

  • ob ama

    Maybe that point should be neutralized by a feature where you can only boost a certain server ONCE.

  • kingkano89

    I'm sure there are many people who would be happy to pay a one time fee for an upgraded Nitro where you can have an extra boost, maybe like an extra £2-3 per extra boost and it's permanently tied to your account so if you were to go without nitro one month and get it back the next then it would still be there. Idk but there's 2 ways that it could be done and it's up to the devs how they wanna do it

  • Tempest

    It should be very nice, because boost one serveur is really worst

  • charitwo
    This would be very useful as it would prevent users from having to weigh which server to boost. Plus with the game store kaput, adding more value to the $10 nitro would see an influx of subs to that tier.
  • MN | 𝟛𝕋𝔹

    It should be very nice, because boost one serveur is really worst


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