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  • ominouscry
    I dislike this idea for a couple of reasons: first of all, I don't see why an animated server banner would a good idea at all since, for example, on Android, it'd drain your battery like crazy and wouldn't look that great either. Second of all, using animated emojis without Nitro sort of defeats the point of having Nitro in general, so it's not that great of an idea as well.
  • Anatomis (Perfect)
    I liked the idea and upvoted.
  • Dora

    I agree, good idea.^^

  • Tunyo-Tex

    Reply to @OminousCry, link to his/her comment I'm replying to

    You say "it'd drain your battery like crazy and wouldn't look that great either" It only wouldn't look great if you didn't know how to animate or make it look great, and i think you don't because you say it wouldn't look great yours wouldn't, And also, a banner won't drain battery as much as you make it sound, it's just a damn image, a very short animated video, How's that going to drain the battery as much? Damn! I think you probably have a very old phone and also don't know how to animate enough that you hate your animations and say it won't look good (judging on what you said) If we can get an image, why can't we also get an animated version of it? It's still an image although it has some little movement that won't even cause battery drainage! So i disagree with you and think gifs should be allowed, If we already have access to a banner then it's not bad to have it animated too. Think about it


    I'm also replying to this because we're not allowed to reply there and are directed here


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